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Ukajonakin (Ukajonakin, lit. "court of insight") are state and private educational institutions which have for several thousands of years served as the primary means of mass education throughout vespoid civilization. Much of the historically high literacy rates throughout the vespoid world can be attributed to the ukajonakin located throughout nations such as Vespia, the Eastern Reaches, and Iokuma amount others, which taught and continue to teach the fundamentals to vespoids throughout the globe. Ukajonakin have traditionally been open to Vespians of all castes, ensuring that all Vespians regardless of their background had access to a decent education.

Established during the prosperous period of the Silver Empire, ukajonakin grew into a massive network of private schooling institutions that helped to ensure that all subjects of the empire were adequately educated prior to entering the dukorin at age nine. The ukajonakin system is widely attributed with having successfully ensured that 80% of Vespian men and 45% of women throughout the vespoid world were literate and possessed basic calculation skills. The bulk of those who couldn't read or write were typically located in regions of the empire too remote to provide support to in the form of education, or simply lacking the resources to fund a ukajonak in their community. Regardless, at least two-thirds of the Vespian population would always be literate throughout the duration of the Silver Empire.

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