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Industrial base[edit]


Vespia's industrial capacity had been realized as early as the Iron Empire, fueled by rapid population growth, technological innovations, and the raw political will of its rulers. Utilizing the force of the Zhona as a source of constant kinetic energy, watermills were built all across the length of the river as a critical part of one ancient Vespia's most important developments − the ushaka. Ushakanin, meaning "place where laborers congregate", were among the first true factories constructed in pre-modern human civilization, providing all sorts of goods for the Vespian population. So critical were these complexes to the Vespian empire, that sabotaging one was grounds for a blindingly painful death at the hands of the tazens and their subordinate zharuks.

  • Vak'Ushaka − The Vespians developed their first military ushakanin during the Iron Empire, for the purposes of producing vast quantities of standardized military equipment in line with the edicts of the tazens of the period. These industrial centers, known as vak'ushakanin (war-factories), were built along the Zhona River outside of the major urban centers. Spanning a large swath of land, vak'ushakanin consisted of a vast complex of structures employing hundreds or even thousands of commoner okumarin Vespians, and were powered by the force of the Zhona and vast fields of coal mined in the mountains of the TBD. Many Vespian marin had their entire economies based on the war economy of Vespia, and the vak'ushaka they were built around. Because of their nature and importance to the military industry of Vespia, all vak'ushakanin were state-owned industries, ensuring that all weaponry and equipment produced flowed straight into the warehouses of the Zhautakar and lesser hakivakin warrior hosts of the various households.
    • Arrows − One vak'ushaka located in Ukadekushan, built during the era of Iron Vespia for the production of arrows, employed some 5,000 (1,950 carpenters, 1,500 assemblers, 900 fletchers, 600 smiths, and fifty overseers) people working in three eight-hour shifts, to produce a constant stream of arrows for the vakomarin. It consisted of a primitive assembly line system, where one group of laborers cut the shafts for the arrows, another group produced the arrowheads, yet another group herded and farmed geese for their feathers for fletching, and the others spent their time compiling the components for the final product. Though a single arrow made by one individual could take as long as two hours to finish, with the pseudo-assembly line method of the Ukadekushan vak'ushaka, the Vespians were able to produce a single arrow within a period of about twenty minutes using the readily available components. Records kept by the overseers of that same vak'ushaka indicted that in one month alone, it produced approximately 1.4 million arrows during peacetime. Over a one year period, that vak'ushaka produced more than 17 million arrows for the warriors of Vespia.

Military industry[edit]

Industrial information[edit]

Military abbreviations[edit]

Small arms abbreviations[edit]

Format: Abbreviation = Full name

  • V = Version
  • N = Nejâta (shooter) / Rifle
  • C = Sâvek nejâta (short rifle) / Carbine
  • S = Sâneja (small shooter) / Handgun (pistol)
  • NVN = Nušâ vâk'nejâta (automatic battle rifle) / Assault rifle
  • AD = Attached device (attached grenade launcher)
  • GMG = Grenade machine gun
  • AGL = Automatic grenade launcher
  • TN = Tenukoyu nejâta (self-moving shooter) / Machine gun
    • RTN = Rīhu tenukoyu nejâta (light self-moving shooter) / Light machine gun
    • JTN = Jurohâk tenukoyu nejâta (heavy self-moving shooter) / Heavy machine gun
  • STN = Sâvek tenukoyu nejâta (small self-moving shooter) / Submachine gun
  • PSR = Precision sharpshooter rifle
  • PSH = Police self-loading handgun
  • I = Īxâšo (quieted) / Sound dampener (suppressor)
  • SR = Sharpshooters rifle
  • TR = Tenurodân (self-consuming) / Autoloader
  • UMH = Universal machine handgun
  • UCH = Universal combat handgun
  • USC = Universal self-loading carbine
  • USH = Universal self-loading handgun
  • OS = Okö'Sâneja (commoner's shooter) / Citizen's handgun
  • K = Kuzoya (farsight) / Telescopic sight

Vehicle abbreviations[edit]

  • T = Tâvoyân / Main battle tank
  • VVE = Vâkorân vâkur ekoyu (warrior battle vehicle) / Infantry fighting vehicle
  • YVE = Yuk vâkorân ekoyu (armored warrior vehicle) / Armored personnel carrier
  • LTV = Rīhu vâkorân ekoyu (light warrior vehicle) / Infantry mobility vehicle
  • YRE = Yuk sho-rodan ekoyu (armored destruction vehicle) / Mine-resistant ambush protected
  • ETT = Ekoyu tâneja tâzu (moving artillery foundation) / Self-propelled artillery
  • MPFT = Manifold projectile firing table (multiple rocket launch system)
  • MADP = Mobile aerodyne defense platform (self-propelled anti-aircraft gun)
  • GPDS = Guided projectile defense system (surface-to-air missile)

Aircraft designation system[edit]

  • E = Eda (Transport) / Cargo
  • J = Jīhun (Electric) / Electronic warfare
  • M = Muhok (Service) / Utility
  • N = Nora (Rotary) / Helicopter
  • O = Ozuvâk (Student) / Trainer
  • R = Rodân (Destroyer) / Bomber
  • S = Šovīk (Striker) / Fighter
  • U = Udoka (Hunter) / Attack aircraft
  • V = Vâjan (Overseer) / Observation
  • Z = Zunâk (Computer) / Electronic warfare

Missile abbreviations[edit]

  • MM = Mâru-mâra / Ground-to-ground missile
  • MY = Mâru-yâvīna / Ground-to-sky missile
  • YY = Yâvīnu-yâvīna / Sky-to-sky missile
  • YM = Yâvīnu-mâra / Sky-to-ground missile
  • K = Kīru / Boat-launched missile (naval-launched missile)

List of Vespian military equipment[edit]

  • 2 x pistols (standard issue/special forces)
  • 2 x sub-machine guns (MPs/special forces)
  • 1 x carbine (tank crew/motor infantry)
  • 2 x shotguns (automatic/combat engineers)
  • 3 x combat rifles (standard issue/MPs/rangers)
  • 3 x machine guns (light/general purpose/heavy)
  • 2 x mortars (light/heavy)
  • 5 x anti-material weapons
    • 2 x RPGs (anti-tank/anti-fortification)
    • 2 x guided missiles (TOW/fire and forget)
    • 1 x anti-air launcher
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