Omniversalis:Policies and guidelines

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Omniversalis is a Wikipedia-style worldbuilding wiki geared toward facilitating the creation of constructed worlds and languages across all types of genres and settings. Naturally, this means that a wide range of contributors and roleplayers will join to help add to this creative experience on the wiki. Therefore, to ensure an enjoyable experience for all here at Omniversalis, we have a set of policies and guidelines all members of our community are expected to review and keep in mind to maintain a friendly and cooperative atmosphere on the wiki. Despite the open-and-free focus of Omniversalis, rules are needed in order to maintain this mantra.

All members of Omniversalis must at all times aim and use discretion to adhere to the following:


  • Prohibition of illegal content

Content that is illegal under United States federal law is not permitted on Omniversalis, as it is based in the United States.
Since the host of Omniversalis, Miraheze, is based in the United Kingdom, content illegal under UK Common law is also not permitted. Furthermore, copyright restrictions are subject to more scrutiny than in the United States Fair Use copyright policy, as the UK equivalent (Fair dealings) is more restrictive.

  • Prohibition of trolling

The practice known as "trolling", wherein a user actively seeks to ruin the integrity of articles, undermines the very fabric of Omniversalis, and is not permitted.

  • Prohibition of vandalism

Vandalism, or the act of ruining articles through disruptive means, such as spam and removal of information, is not permitted.

  • Prohibition of sockpuppeting

Sockpuppeting, the practice of using multiple accounts by the same individual, is not permitted.

  • Prohibition of doxxing

The practice known as "Doxxing", the act of providing personal information of another user against their wishes, or with malicious intent, is not permitted.

  • Prohibition of sexual harassment

Sexually harassment of users, such as sending sexually explicit media to another user, is strictly forbidden.

  • Prohibition of personal scrutiny

Alluding to or explicitly stating that a user's actions is due to a personal matter, such as a diagnosis or their sex, is not permitted. Users should always aim to assume good faith.