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Omniversalis is an open and free fictional encyclopedia. This is often referred to as "conworlding", a portmanteau for "constructed world-building". It provides its users with an empty canvas, and all the brushes for which to paint their worlds with. Since the rapid growth of online encyclopedias resembling that of Wikipedia, so-called "Wikis", there has always been a vacuum for those who seek to express their own fictional worlds, nations, and concepts in the style of Wikipedia articles. Omniversalis acknowledges that, by the point it was created, several wikis catering to this specific audience already exist. What makes Omniversalis different however, is a focus on its three principal ideas, and how it implements it:


The ability to express fictional ideas openly and without restriction. No judgement shall be bestowed on your ideas unless explicitly requested. This goes both ways, and we ask that all members respect and engage with each other in a constructive and polite way.


To partake, The ability to choose to partake in a community, and to what degree. Omniversalis' members have a complete freedom in how they choose to interact with, and partake in the community. Some members choose to completely focus on their work, and to disregard the social aspect, which Omniversalis respects to the fullest extent.
To contribute, The ability for its members to contribute regardless of ability and financial situation. Omniversalis is free and always will be, it is run free of charge for everyone. All that is required is a basic internet connection.


Omniversalis aims to be as accessible as possible, articles can be written in any variation and level of English. This allows both proficient and beginner users to explore and indulge in their worlds. This is further emphasized as all explanatory articles are available in a simple English version.

These three principal ideas stand at the core of Omniversalis, and allows anyone to become a contributor. Omniversalis aims to make conworlding easy, intuitive, and accessible!

Beginning is as simple as creating a new page.