Style Ebon

From Omniversalis

Style Ebon is the predominant style of art, architecture and applied art, decorative arts, and general design embraced throughout the Mikaegeny. The style was introduced in TBD, by the Blackstone Arts Academy, the leading arts studio at the time. Exemplifying the oppressing and totalitarian ideals of Mikaean society, while still emphasizing their hardcore sense of "form follows function" fashion and designs, the patterns of Style Ebon works are formulaic to a certain degree as the products of the style are sleek, domineering, and stylish in a highly austere manner, with the complete embrace of the future and technological progression. Colors are never clashing, spaces are designed to provide comfort and entertainment, and furniture are always simplistic to provide only the base needs required. In giving a short description of the style, Style Ebon combines minimalism and futurism, and yet manages to pull of a "fascinating nightclub vibe" with its tactful use of colors and lighting.

Style Ebon is a total art style, with all items involved in the structure's design, from the shell, accessories, furnishings, and landscape, subject to the concepts of Style Ebon. The artistic style of Style Ebon can be found everywhere in Mikaean society, from their cities, to their suburbs, to their installations and industrial facilities, to the vehicles and clothing, equipment and products, and simple trinkets and toys. Black and white serve as the base colors for all designs, though they are often substituted with other simple colors such as gray, blue, and red when deemed appropriate. Style Ebon structures are characterized by stark steel and concrete facades, open spaces and large glass windows, cutting angular lines and corners, bleak monochromatic colors, and strategic placement of lighting to highlight features of the structure, with Style Ebon architecture generally regarded as the apex of the Mikaeans' simplistic and straightforward approach to artistic endeavors and concepts.

The designs, features, and influence of Style Ebon have dominated Mikaean society for more than five hundred years, and still remains the primary artistic style of the species down to the modern day. Because of the sheer span of the art style, Style Ebon is regarded as the most successful art form in Mikaean history, though some critics regard this as more a symptom of the Mikaean mind rather than the intrinsic value of the style. Given the fact that Mikaeans tend to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary minded with their work, many have come to believe that Style Ebon came to dominate the Mikaeans' artistic capabilities as a result of their simplistic views on art and creativity, with its aesthetic and appealing visual appearance and simple manner of design, being a natural fit for the Mikaeans as a people. In spite of the negative views in some areas of society, most Mikaeans have come to embrace the style in its totality, and its dominance remains assured as it has for the last five centuries.