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The Mikaeanids are a collection of species created by a single individual using a single set of genetic code, most of it largely derived from his own genetic information. On paper, due to their shared genetic heritage, all Mikaeanids are fully capable of interbreeding with one another, though this is heavily-reliant upon their methods of reproduction, as not all Mikaeanids are capable of bearing offspring internally. Some races such as the True Mikaeans and the Hilam reproduce asexually, with the form utilizing a single male to spawn all other members of the population, while individual members of the latter spawn offspring independently of one another. Regardless of their reproductive methods, all Mikaeans such a single set of traits that make them more similar than different. They all share a mimicry of their creator's personality and traits, and are blindly loyal to the ideals championed by their father. They share the same language, and likewise share the same faith with only minor variations depending on the particular characteristics of each Mikaeanid race.

List of races[edit]

List of Mikaeanid races
# Name Classification % Details
1 Mikaeans Homo mikaeanensis replica 0.0% Mikaeans—also known as True Mikaeans or Heirs—were the first of the Mikaeanid races created by Mikael, utilizing the purest strains of his own genetic material to create near-perfect replicas of himself. Comprising the largest portion of the Mikaeanid population, Mikaeans view themselves as the most important of the Mikaeanids by mere fact of being the most closely related to their creator in both likeness and psychology. As the bear the closest mental footprint of their progenitor, the Mikaeans are often placed in positions of leadership where the rest of the species wishes to discern the most accurate decision to make based on the manner of problem solving utilized by their father. Though they can be humble at times, their unique status as a clonal race in their father's likeness has proven to be a bragging point the Mikaeans are keen to hold over the heads of their brothers and sisters whenever the need arises.
2 Sikatrians Homo mikaeanensis hebenus 0.0% Sikatrians are the second-eldest of the Mikaeanids, and are best known for their devout beliefs in the supposed prophethood of their creator as an agent of god. Possessing pitch black skin, brilliant white razor-sharp teeth and claws, and lacking eyes or any method of perceiving the visual world, the Sikatrians rely heavily on their other senses and reflect heavily on the unseen and the unknown as a lifestyle. Their perceptive nature on the mysteries of the world beyond what one perceives through sight, has made the Sikatrians a deeply religious people by even Mikaeanid standards, making the race well-placed for roles of religious service and theology as a whole. The echolocation the Sikatrians rely upon to get around is highly-developed, and has even been used to produce music and hymns befitting of a deeply religious people such as them.
N Ailopin Homo mikaeanensis ailopis 0.0% The Ailopin are an insectoid species created by Mikael on a whim.
N Azurigu Homo mikaeanensis venator 0.0% TBD
N Yilani Homo mikaeanensis anguis 0.0% TBD
N Skurian Homo mikaeanensis erythrosis 0.0% The Skurians are a red-skinned humanoid species created to survive on the cold, oxygen-poor worlds of the League. Historically, the Skurians refused to join the League, believing that they possessed the superior system of governance, culture, and religion. The League was initially content to acquiesce to the Skurians' demands, but became hostile toward the race following their attempts to expand into the space controlled by the League and its constituent races. Over the next twenty years, the League waged a war of conquest against the Skurian nation, ultimately ending with the forced integration of the Skurian race into the organization. Today, poverty among the Skurian population is rife, with most working in industrial occupations on worlds where automation of factories has been slow or non-existent, while others are dependent upon criminal networks for their livelihoods. Combined with their past history are aggressive conquerors, Skurians are not viewed positively throughout League space.



The concept of interracial marriage takes on a different meaning for the Mikaeanids, varying wildly in definition from that humanity is most accustomed. In the eyes of the average Mikaeanid, the various races of the species are not "distinct", but all completely the same as they cannot differentiate one race from the other as a human would. For example, to a Mikaeanid, a dark-skinned and black-haired True Mikaean and a blue-coated canine Azurigu appear to be exactly the same, with only "visual differences" separating the two. Indeed, the differences between Mikaeanids to Mikaeanids appear to only be skin-deep, even though the biology of any two races could vary drastically, such as the aquatic Hilam from the insectoid Ailopin.


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