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M. M. B. LII Sabaélyn Alasulaémya
M. M. B. LII Sabaélyn Alasulaémya
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Voice for the Equal Distribution of Housing
In office
17 March 1988 – 31 December 1995
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Position abolished
Voice for the Sphere of Family Affairs
In office
1 January 1970 – 31 December 2000
Serving with M. H. S. Yaesula Tyasullamya, M. H. P. Janellaé Helynuémya, M. K. K. Elavana Sulanoramya, M. K. D. Finellyn Baelluémya
Personal details
Mykell Mykol Blackstone
LII Sabaélyn Alasulaémya

(1940-12-21) December 21, 1940 (age 83)
Blackstone, Sichelia, Mikaea
Father Highfather Mykell VII
Alma mater University of Blackstone
Occupation Politician • Lawyer

Mykell Mykol Blackstone LII Sabaélyn Alasulaémya (Mykell Mykol Blackstone LII Sabaélyn Alasulaémya, born September 19, 1944) is a Mikaean lawyer and politician who served as a Voice of the Highfather from 1970 to 2000. He entered the legal profession following his graduation from the University of Blackstone in 1963, and joined a free coterie in 1965 after reaching the age of majority. His success as a lawyer saw him rise in prominence within his home city, eventually gaining the attention of the Highfather in 1970, who summoned him to Family Pride to serve as a member of the Sphere of Family Affairs as a Voice. His time as a Voice were spent negotiating the needs of the various rings of government belonging to his sphere, and helping to propose new laws and regulations that would help to better manage the demographic needs of the country as Mikaea transitioned from a developing country into a developed one.

Sabaelyn is best remembered for his role as the Voice for the Equal Distribution of Housing between 1988 to 1995, following a series of riots over unequal housing benefits throughout the country. He was appointed to the position by the Mykell VII in 1988, and tasked with investigating and resolving the housing situation in the country's ten largest cities. Sabaelyn was mostly successful in rooting out old and poorly-designed housing units, and reorganizing the system through which all Mikaeans received their homes. However, the situation ultimately did not improve for the majority of Mikaeans, who found themselves shifted from one set of inadequate housing projects to another within the span of a decade. In spite of the complaints, the Highfather declared Sabaelyn's assignment a success and wrote off any further issues as a by-product of "overpopulation, low living space, and a strained industrial sector", and abolished his office at the end of the year in 1995.

Following his mission from the Highfather, Sabaelyn returned to his work in the Sphere of Family Affairs, taking on more of an advisory role while allowing the younger generation of Voices within the sphere to spearhead the administration of their department. Sabaelyn retired from politics in 2000, after citing a desire to return to the legal profession and continue his independent practice in Blackstone, where he currently resides today. The Highfather conferred upon Sabaelyn a series of decorations for him more three decades of state service, awarding him with the Chosen of the Highfather medal in 2007. Today, Sabaelyn is an honorary member of the Allkin at the request of the First Scion of Mikaea. He continues to practice law in Blackstone and is an active member of his commune's vestal assembly, though he has not been active in national politics since his retirement in 2000.