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This is a list of colonies in Omnistate, detailing all of the populated worlds under the administration of Omnistate.

List of colonies in Omnistate[edit]

OCA-001 (L 98-59)[edit]

OCA-001.05 (L 98-59 f) – Meridia[edit]

OCA-001.05 (commonly known as Meridia) is the capital of Omnistate and homeworld of the Meridian species. Home to 4.4 billion inhabitants and the most populous world within the interstellar polity, OCA-001.05 is the fifth planet within the OCA-001 system, as well as its only populated celestial body. The planet itself is 58% larger than Earth, though most of its surface is covered in water. OCA-001.05 has a surface temperature of 287 Kelvin, placing it within the same temperature range as Earth.

OCA-003 (HIP 45908)[edit]

OCA-001.XX (HIP 45908 x) – N/A[edit]

Social structure[edit]

Omnistate's population is divided into an elaborate caste system organized into two ladders: the castes and the divisions. The system itself has existed in one form or another for much of Meridian history, though with a far more simpler ladder of castes that defined much of Meridian civilization. An intensely orderly and meticulous people, the Meridians developed a series of ranks and divisions that filter members of their population into the roles that best suit their skills and proclivities, while allowing for just enough room for innovation and bottom-up advancement within said caste system. The people of Omnistate are proud of the system they built, and any thought of removing it out of egalitarian concern is considered anathema to them.

The caste system of Omnistate consists of five groups; the eXecs, hiCaste, midCaste, loCaste, and outCaste/offGrids. The outCastes and offGrids occupy the same position in the caste system given their status as either criminals, transients, or deviants who have no official role or position in society because of their actions or failure to contribute services to the state. There are nine divisions of Omnistate; the Red Division, Purple Division, White Division, Black Division, Green Division, Gold Division, Blue Division, Orange Division, and Grey Division. The divisions themselves are a collection of occupations which collectively cover a specific role or sector of the economy. For example, all military and law enforcement personnel within Omnistate are members of the Black Division, while all medical personnel are enrolled in Green Division. The four "integrated" castes of Omnistate are spread across the nine divisions, with membership of a specific caste typically being hereditary, while membership of a division is based on merit and education. A loCaste civilian may be born into their position, but may test themselves into any of the nine divisions, and through hard work and years of effort, may elevate their caste status as a consequence of their contributions within their division. Therefore, one may serve as an loCaste mechanical engineer within Blue Division, and overtime work themselves into a position as a midCaste foreman or hiCaste factory manager for the same division.

Each division is split into the various castes that make up Omnistate society, and each have their own systems of advancement within said caste system. For example, within the Black Division, loCaste individuals would comprise the enlisted military personnel or beat officers within law enforcement, whereas midCaste personnel would serve as NCOs, low-level commissioned officers, detectives, and SWAT personnel. hiCaste members of the Black Division would be high-ranking commissioned officers or flag officers, police chiefs and other high-level personnel responsible for administrative duties for the military and police forces of the division. Within Blue Division, loCaste and midCaste individuals would be represented in the typical apprentice and journeyman roles one would expect to see within the trades, whereas hiCaste members would be administrators and overseers tasked with the management of specific duties assigned to the division. Though one may find the existence of such a caste system opposed to merit-based advancement, the culture and society of Omnistate view such promotion as an integral part of their civilization, and therefore ensure that one is recognized and rewarded for their contributions to society as a whole.

Naturally, the divisions themselves like the castes are structured hierarchically, with the Red Division being higher in rank to the Purple or White Divisions, and the Black Division higher in rank than the Green or Blue Divisions. This results in a somewhat complex and convoluted system where a loCaste member of Red Division will outrank a hiCaste member of the Black or Green Divisions, even though this would entail a state clerk holding a higher social status than a general officer or medical doctor respectively. Omnistate circumvents this with a series of accolades and decorations that ensure an accomplished general of the army will not suffer the indignity of being looked down upon by a common government clerk.