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Background information[edit]


  • There are no political parties within Omnistate, as it is the official position of the state that factionalism within the government only hampers its ability to operate as a single, unified entity during times of crisis; political parties are derided as being too ideologically-driven, too quick to compromise their values for the sake of political wins, limiting creativity when needed to resolve issues in the nation, as well as locking potentially good solutions to problems behind a whole wall of bad foreign and domestic policies as the entire concept comes as a single package when the party comes to power in the government
  • Voters consist of citizens who meet the following prerequisites:
  1. a legal citizen of Omnistate;
  2. married with at least two offspring;
  3. an active taxpayer with no recent delinquencies (up to two years);
  4. currently employed with at least 3-5 years of consistent employment;
  5. a "well-educated" individual with either a master's or trade degree;
  6. have a positive bank balance and no debt to their name;
  7. active members of the Omnistate National Church;
  8. active members of their community;
  9. and no criminal record
  • Veterans of the military, active military personnel, and retirees, are granted special exemptions from some of these requirements; individuals who join the military prior to marrying are exempt from prerequisites #2, #3, #4, and #6; veterans who may have been injured and otherwise rendered infertile are exempt from prerequisites #2; and retirees with at least ten years of consistent work history are exempt from prerequisites #2 (should they be widowed with offspring), #3 (no longer a member of the workforce), and #4 (depending upon the location they hail from at the time of their birth)
  • The constitution of Omnistate thus stipulates that all members of the national electorate be those who are taxpaying citizens, current or former military personnel, parents with at least two offspring, those who have worked consistently for about three to five years depending on the industry, have a master's degree or equivalent, and active members of their community; the objective of these requirements was to ensure that those who would be voting for the new successive government of Omnistate would only be those who had a personal stake in the well-being and political stability provided by the current regime; politicians are held to the same standards as the rest of the citizenry, and thus anyone wishing to obtain a public office must meet the same qualifications as those who will be voting for them


  • The head of state and government is known as the Supreme Director, who is selected for the office from among the members of the Central Directorate over which the director presides; the Supreme Director is the absolute ruler of the country, and has the full backing of the constitution to take any action they deem necessary to enact policies they believe vital to the nation's stability
  • The Central Directorate operates as the counterweight to the absolute power of the Supreme Director, serving as a filter and source of political backing the director can turn to during decision-making process; the directorate serves as the cabinet of the government, with a total of 11 officials, plus the Supreme Director's personal adviser and chief of staff
  • The Central Directorate is divided into smaller constituent bodies known as boards, which consist of a group of directorate officials who have a shared interest in the board's stated objective, which all members work toward by drafting unified policies in the direction of the board's goal; boards likewise serve as a way to assmble all information gathered by the various directorate members into a common space that they can access when attempting to develop policies for their own responsibilities
  • The Supreme Omnistate Assembly (SOA) is a unicameral legislature which consists of XX officials elected to the body every five years; within the general public, the assembly is regarded as being comprised of the most qualified members of Omnistate's meritocratic society to govern the country, and thus has the power to select from among its ranks four individuals whom it deems the most professionally accomplished it holds the power to select from among its ranks those individuals who will be elected to the role of Supreme Director; members of the assembly are known as "federal councilors", and those seeking to enter the assembly as FCs must meet the same constitutional qualifications held for voters and civil servants to join
  • Omnistate is divided into sectors, districts, and wards; the first two are governed by an official known as an administrator (i.e., "sector administrator" and "district administrator"), while the latter is governed by an overseer (i.e., "ward overseer"); overseers and administrators are elected by the qualified members of the electorate to their positions for a single five year term
  • Civil servants are approved for their positions by the state, who determines the suitability of the individual applying for the role via the Bureau of Merit and Advancement, which has the task of determining if the individual possesses the adequate qualifications for a position within the bureaucracy of the government; as with voters and politicians, civil servants must meet the same requirements for a position in the government, namely those cited in the constitution to vote and hold public office


  • Literature within Omnistate largely consists of informative publications such as scientific papers, nature journals, and news publications, while dramas and non-fiction works have held a steady second place role within the literary world of the country
  • Omnistate comedy is known throughout the world for being delivered in an incredibly black and deadpan in content, touching on subjects that others would regard as inappropriate or not allowing for an appropriate amount of time to elapse before discussing the subject as a form of comedy; the effect of the mood-balls on the population stripped the citizens of much of their more active emotional displays, and thus caused the average comedian from the country to provide dry humor delivered in a witty yet serious manner
  • Marriage within Omnistate is an odd blend of civil and religious ceremony somewhat separate from that found in the rest of the world; while most marriages beyond Omnistate will consist mostly or entirely of a religious or civil ceremony with a marriage license provided by a state official after the ceremony has been completed, in Omnistate, a couple will request a marriage and be provided with a space for the marriage by the state, and a civil servant operating in a religious capacity "on behalf of the state as an intermediary before God"
  • In recognition for their role as the "gatekeepers of sex" within human society, women within Omnistate are tasked with the role of approaching their male counterpart to request his hand in marriage, removing the job of searching for a spouse from the man and giving it to the individual who is responsible for accepting or not; should the two fail to find a spouse prior to the age of thirty, the state will step in select a partner for both to ensure that the demographics of the country are not compromised
  • Omnistate humor is comprised of incredibly dark and very direct "deadpan" jokes, which often lack a filter and tend to be frank in their content due to the drug-induced honesty all citizens of the state possess; while powerful emotions have been neutered within the population, a level of wit and soft humor still exists, allowing a citizen to experience a degree of joy from this form of humor


  • Most of the citizens struggle to express their emotions effectively due to the long-standing and permanent effects of the so-called Omnistate "mood-balls", a chemical cocktail developed to drastically alter the emotional matrix of those exposed with them, with the goal being to make the individual more obedient and pliable to the will of the selected authority figure (in this case, the government of Omnistate)
  • All aspects of life within Omnistate are subject to the rigid social structure developed by the founders of Omnistate, and the bureaucrats who developed the modern state's existing domestic policies; though there is no caste system in place, many citizens are guided throughout their lives toward careers that the state deems most suitable to the individual and their particular skill-set
  • Overseers drawn from the ranks of the experienced and accomplished elders of the community are appointed to positions of "human management" on behalf of the state, with the task of directing the lives and human development of their respective areas of residence; they are permitted to go throughout their community, and ensure that their neighbors are abiding by the physical fitness, education, and ideological guidelines put forth by the state
  • Crime is largely unheard of within Omnistate, mainly due to the effect of the mood-balls enforced upon the population by the government; the chemicals used by the mood-balls to reduce extreme negative emotions within the population have been highly-effective; malice and ill-intent toward fellow citizens has been redirected through the use of indoctrination against foreigners, non-blacks, and reactionaries, and much of the energy generated focused by the state toward productive pursuits, such as public works such as occupations within industry and agriculture
  • Personal debt levels within Omnistate among the lowest in the world thanks to the lack of a strong consumerist culture within the country; citizens are driven to spend based on need rather than on personal want, and spending as a whole is viewed through the lens of foresight and extensive planning to ensure that money is not wasted, and that goods are acquired only when needed
  • Omnistate's population is divided into "womb-born" citizens and "creche-born" citizens; womb-born citizens are those Omnistaters who are naturally-born to a mother and father, while creche-born citizens are those who were conceived and birthed at a genesis creche. Creche-born citizens are legal property of the state, as the officially lack any biologically-related guardians and have no family outside of the walls of their home creche
  • Creche-born citizens make up about a third of the total population as of 2020; though they are smaller in number, they are deemed for more loyal to the state than their womb-born counterparts due to the aggressive and extensive indoctrination they received while being raised by the state; consequently, approximately 70-80% of the state bureaucracy is comprised of creche-born citizens, while within the military, 80% of the enlisted ranks and 35% of the officer ranks, are composed of those born within the creches
  • As the number of creche-born citizens grows within Omnistate, they have utilized their political power within the state to make it increasingly difficult for womb-born citizens to enter into positions of power, limiting their voting rights and excluding them from roles within the military and sectors of the economy deemed high-priority to the state's survival; as they lack any loyalties to any other force beyond their service to the state, creche-born citizens view their womb-born colleagues as a liability and a potential threat to their "father-figure" - the government of Omnistate itself
  • Seeking to further enhance their grip on the political landscape within Omnistate and render their womb-born colleagues "obsolete", the creche-born dominated Central Directorate expanded the number of genesis creches within Omnistate from 100 to 117, the first major expansion of creches in more than a decade; this would be further increased from 117 to 131 the following year, with a goal of building and staffing a total of 200 by 2025; the immediate goal is to increase the capacity of the state to produce offspring without the need of the womb-born majority population, and slowly sterilize them once parity has been accomplished


List of developments[edit]

  • Selective human breeding (1890s)
  • State-approved eugenics (1920s)
  • Forced sterilization (1920s)
  • Legalized abortion (1920s)
  • Chemical conditioning (1950s)
  • In vitro fertilization (1960s)
  • Artificial wombs (1970s)
  • Genetic modification (1980s)
  • Nerve stapling (1980s)
  • CRISPR gene editing (1990s)
  • Mass surveillance (2000s)
    • Optical Defense Intelligence Network (ODIN)

Artificial breeding[edit]

In vitro fertilization is utilized extensively throughout Omnistate since spearheading its development and exploitation during the 1970s; Omnistate pioneers the field of industrialized reproduction on a national level, disregarding all of the ethical norms and concerns with such a project. Nothing related to the origins of the program are released to either the public or the international community, with the latter left unaware of the true scope of the government's push to increase its population via artificial means. With the development of the artificial womb in 1972, Omnistate pours hundreds of millions of dollars into its advancement as a new method of reproduction within the country, and helps to have it released under state supervision as the sole method of demographic expansion in concert with the development of the genesis creches.

  • 1950s
    • IVF development within Omnistate begin in the 1950s, with the goal of producing viable human embryos that could be raised by the state and indoctrinated into the state ideology with no preexisting attachments to family, community, or creeds
    • The first fertilized egg within Omnistate would be extracted at a federal lab in 1958, proving that human ovum could be procured safely enough to ensure the system was possible, and that up-scaling the project was a viable idea
    • Several male and female citizens deemed to have "positive breeding qualities" were drafted into the program beginning in 1956, and were used to produce the first batch of egg and sperm samples that would be used for the program
    • Min Chueh Chang's research and discovery in 1959 that fertilization was possible in vitro would serve as the catalyst that Omnistate's research teams would use to begin the first human trials in the following decade
  • 1960s
    • The human trials that took place within Omnistate over the next ten years would yield an astonishing number of failures and aborted embryos, as the science behind IVF was still in its infancy
    • Due to the lack of ethical concerns behind human experimentation within the country due to that last forty years of Omnistate eugenic programs, there was full financial backing from the government to the development of IVF and its related technologies
    • The first successful pregnancy achieved in vitro would take place in 1968, though the mother suffered a miscarriage due to complications related to the development of the child; examination showed that it had no heart or brain at the time of the miscarriage
    • The in vitro pregnancy that was successfully carried to term took place the following year in 1969, approximately eight years before the first non-Omnistate in vitro pregnancy that took place in the United Kingdom in 1978
  • 1970s
    • Throughout the 1970s, Omnistate would further develop and refine its IVF technologies, placing it a full decade ahead of the world in the field of artificial insemination technology
    • In concert with the development of artificial wombs in the country, which had taken place concurrently, IVF research would receive the full weight of the government's resources to help expand it into its own field of demographic planning within Omnistate
    • The Supreme Director would authorized the construction and staffing of the first "genesis creche" in 1977, a center where the first prototype artificial wombs would be paired with the advances in in vitro fertilization to produce a generation of state wards
    • Within the first year of the genesis creche's completion, some one hundred children were born within the facility, though fewer than thirty would survive the process and proceed to maturity; they would be kept at the center by the state for indoctrination courses
    • The first creche was rapidly expanded to upscale production of state offspring, while additional sites were surveyed and laid out for immediate construction after the success of the original outside of the capital city
    • Six additional genesis creches would be built by the end of the decade, while the first had its facilities expanded from one block to ten, especially as mandatory donation of tissue samples were enforced throughout the country
  • 1980s
    • In preparation for the planned construction of additional genesis creches, a five-year budget for the construction and staffing of approximately thirty facilities with a capacity of five thousand units each would be drafted, with the total sum being $2.3 billion (1970s dollars)
    • Six creches would be built each year between 1980 to 1985, with the goal of ramping up demographic expansion within Omnistate to double the population from more than eight million to about fifteen million by the end of the decade
    • The number of creches in Omnistate balloons from nine in 1980 to approximately forty by 1985, and from there to about seventy facilities in 1990; over this period of time, some five million citizens born in the creches and incorporated into the population

Population control[edit]

  • Chemical therapy
Prior to the advent of the mood-ball, a list of drugs were developed within Omnistate as a form of population control for the state, ensuring that the citizens under its nominal care were easy to direct without threat of rebellion. In concert with the eugenics system in place since the 1920s, the drugs developed by Omnistate had their origins in the 1920s on a conceptual level, and were later developed and implemented in the 1940s and 1950s once the science behind them advanced to a degree that it was deemed plausible to enact on a national level. The following drugs were developed and employed by Omnistate to help it shape and control the behavior of its citizens:
  • Alithomine – Drug designed to make citizens more willing to tell the truth when directed to, as well as hamper their ability to keep secrets
  • Antihomogene – Removes all non-heterosexual leanings disapproved by the state; used extensively before the advent of the genesis creches
  • Proexartine – Designed with the intent of making the citizens more passive and pliable to state instruction and indoctrination
  • Mood-ball
Mood-balls are a colloquial term for the cocktail of behavior-altering chemicals used within Omnistate to permanently alter the psychological functions of an individual. These chemicals are carried within an environmentally-sealed spherical container (from which it receives its name), which contains the exact amount of each drug needed to perform the behavioral shaping process for a single individual. Mood-balls were developed in the 1930s by government scientists during the height of the eugenic era within Omnistate, with the goal of helping reform the behavior of criminals, and make them more useful to society as a whole. The list of chemicals employed by a mood-ball are classified, and the group responsible for supplying the chemicals and the devices used to by the compliance teams remain unknown. What is common knowledge, however, is that there are hundreds of thousands of mood-balls in stockpiles throughout the nation, which are then used on a citizen once they have reached the age of six, right before they are sent off to begin their general education.
The mood-balls utilized by Omnistate are best known for their role in limiting the extreme emotions of the country's citizens; emotions that would be linked to instances of hatred, depression, euphoria, and lust. So effective have mood-balls been at culling the emotional capacity of their subjects, that citizens are known on an international level for what some simply perceive as the "Omnistate cool", rather than the results of a massive nation-wide abolition of emotion. Within Omnistate itself, emotion has since been rendered "obsolete" in the eyes of its inhabitants, the products of what could only be regarded as an atrocity against the human spirit dating back nearly two and half decades. Regardless, agents of the state carry these devices to the housing blocks of the nation's youth to integrate them into the wider society of Omnistate, furthering a century-long plan to remove what the nation's founders believed to be the "taint" of the unruly unstable human spirit.
  • Nerve stapling
The concept of nerve stapling is introduced in 1979 by a group of Omnistate scientists who had been researching the correlation between pain and sociological behavior for several years at that point. Due to the long-standing history of scientific research free of ethical concerns within Omnistate since the 1920s, these scientists were given full authorization to commence with human experimentation with government funding, and began development on the technologies that would allow law enforcement to force near-permanent behavioral changes in a person through the application of pain stimulation. The nerve stapler was fully-developed and testing completed by 1983, and several hundred units produced and distributed throughout Omnistate by 1984, at which point the Supreme Director and the Central Directorate signed into law the legal application of nerve stapling as a form of punishment within the country. Nerve stapling remains an unknown concept outside of Omnistate, and is largely relegated to the status of fiction within the works of foreigners, who remain unaware of the device's existence within Omnistate.
A nerve stapler is the primary component of the much larger device known as the punishment sphere, a semi-translucent spherical space designed to torture a victim at the most extreme levels without killing them. While the spheres are entirely capable of causing a level of pain that can kill a person if that option is needed, they are mostly designed to permanently rewrite an individual's psychological profile into one more suitable to that demanded by the state. Nerve stapling was most famously used on a national level in 1997 during the "Great Pacification", when the Omnistate's military, police forces, and creche-born militias went throughout the country rounding up hundreds of thousands of "freethinkers" who had not yet accepted the ideology of Omnistate, and over the course of several years, were forced into the spheres to be remolded into model citizens of the state. The Pacification is cited as the ultimate conclusion of decades of state effort to solidify its status as the sole power and vision in the country, bringing nearly all of Omnistate's population into the ideological fold.
  • Kill-switch
Within the military, all combat personnel have a so-called "kill-switch" implanted at the base of their skull; a miniature explosive designed to go off when detonated by the assigned handlers. These handlers consist of the political commissars and disciplinarians attached to military units, who have full life and death control over all members of the unit to which they have been assigned. Normally, this is only a last resort option, reserved for instances where a full-blown mutiny has been uncovered by the commissars. On a far grander scale is the military-wide death switch accessible only to the members of the Central Directorate. This kill-switch was designed to ensure civilian control over the military, and to help the government neutralize the armed forces should a coup be attempted. To active the kill-switch, at least half of the Central Directorate's 32 members, or two-thirds of the six-member Advisory Council, along with the Supreme Director's authorization, are required to active the explosive implants.
Since the Great Resequencing in 1997, the need for the kill-switch has been rendered obsolete, though out of habit, these devices are still implanted into the military personnel of Omnistate, and the newly-scrambled protocols for activating them handed over to the Central Directorate every fiscal year. Kill-switches likewise exist for other areas of Omnistate's hierarchy, such as with prisoners (the few Omnistate has yet to recondition), essential personnel whose knowledge is too valuable to allow to fall into the wrong hands, and intelligence and special operations personnel. As with most of Omnistate's population control technologies, the kill-switch remains a highly secretive item of the state, and prevention of leaks related to these items remains a matter of extensive national security.


  • The creche-born were created using genetic information stolen from various individuals from outside of Omnistate deemed to have suitable genetic traits that would be of value to the Genesis Project; much as was the case with the kidnappings and forced impregnation of women who had physical qualities acceptable to Omnistate's research teams during the height of the eugenics era, the creche-born were developed using a hodgepodge of genetic samples that produced the somewhat mixed race creche-born of today
  • Several "visually-appealing" traits found in individuals were introduced into the creche-born gene pool during the Genesis Project, along with the genetic information of men and women who had been deemed physically robust enough to be counted among those who would provide the genetic information needed to create the new generation of creche-born citizens for Omnistate
  • For the purposes of identification, the following traits were introduced into the creche-born gene pool to help researchers and government officials identify the creche-born from a distance without specialized equipment. As the goal was to create a society of "supermen" in the manner described by Nietzsche, every effort was expended to ensure that the traits would be as "visually-appealing" as possible. These are as follows:
    • Dark circles around the eyes, more akin to the effects of the cosmetic known as kohl rather than the medically-defined periorbital dark circles; the researchers took genetic samples from those who had hereditary dark circles in their families, and enhanced the level of pigmentation to become more visually-prominent; this look has since been incorporated into the visual culture of the creche-born as time has passed
    • Grey eyes were introduced into the population to ensure that less refined means would not impede identification of the creche-born, such as the use of makeup around the eyes to cover over the dark circles that would be prominent features; likewise, at the insistence of one team member, freckles were introduced into the creche-born gene pool as an additional method of identification
  • Due to a number of issues related to the consequences to tampering with human biology and psychology, the creche-born possess a number of recessive traits and physical issues that, while not lethal or a serious impediment to their ability to function independently, are typically found to be commonplace within the population as a whole. These are listed as the following:
    • While the direct cause is unknown to government scientists, the creche-born possess a somewhat "sickly" skin tone which has a pale bluish-hue to it, with veins showing rather easily through the layers of skin and making the creche-born appear unwell; this is further exasperated by the discoloration they possess around their extremities, such as their fingers, toes, and lips to name a few; while none of these are indicative of physical fragility and the creche-born are born with superb health, the look itself does not lend an air of confidence in this claim for the uninformed
    • Creche-born tend to be prone to bouts of fatigue which appear and disappear suddenly, causing them to momentarily lose their balance and concentration; they believe this is a side-effect of their creation process, but have opted not to investigate it out of pride and fear of discovering anything that would make them question their self-styled "superiority" over "womb-born" individuals
    • Classified documents within Omnistate related to the creche-born have indicated that the creche-born do possess some measure of emotion, but that this has been suppressed by the research team involved in their creation; however, as the process is neither perfect nor all encompassing, the imbalance in the chemical makeup of the creche-born could grow to such a point as to cause mental instability and psychosis in some of the population; it is unknown to what extent this is the case, but those who succumb to a complete mental collapse are quickly rounded up and disappeared from society to maintain the facade of creche-born superiority
    • Some creche-born display signs of possible neurological damage or decay in the form of nervous ticks, early onset of psychosis, obsession with certain individuals or activities, and instances of paranoia and lunacy; while this is generally rare in the majority of the population, twitching eyes, nervous scratching, and heightened anxiety are common throughout nearly all members of the creche-born population
  • The creche-born lack basic social behavioral ques, and to some degree share many similarities with those traits common in individuals affected by Asperger's; as a group the creche-born typically lack fear, empathy, or uncertainty, and are driven by what they consider to be rational behavior rather than any emotional influences; consequently, the creche-born are incredibly dangerous as they can credibly described as lacking a "conscience" to help them judge the morality of their actions
  • All creche-born are sterile by design as an aspect of their breeding during the Genesis Project; the act of giving birth is considered revolting in the eyes of the creche-born, with them finding the sight of pregnant women discomforting and intolerable; the creche-born cannot survive as a group of people without the presence of the creches, and thus place the survival of the creche system as a high-priority for the government of Omnistate
  • Creche-born find the act of romance appalling and discomforting to conceptualize or comprehend, and will aggressively break up any partnerships and destroy entire families out of disgust for the family structure; while the concept of sex is not unknown to them, the creche-born are largely opposed to it due to the strange emotions they encounter during the act; consequently, most of the creche-born population is celibate, and refuse to engage what they deem to be a revolting activity, and will only observe instances of sexual intercourse within purely scientific endeavors
  • The entire population of creche-born experience hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), colloquially known as "frigidity", and therefore have little to no sexual desire in others as intended by their creators; in the instance that they do find themselves in the act, creche-born feel nothing and generally express annoyance with the display; achieving an orgasm is still possible for creche-born males and females, but takes substantial time and ultimately the creche-born individual does feel anything or receive any dopamine from the process, with most individuals completely ignorant of having reached an orgasm when it happens
  • Speculative: All creche-born citizens are sterile; male creche-born produce no spermatozoa, while female creche-born have no ovaries or fallopian tubes by design; later generations of female creche-born have been designed to possess no uterus, completely removing their ability to even host an embryo within their bodies; all citizens are born via creche facilities established and run by the government


  • 1880s
    • The leading members of the former United States' Honorable Society of Diakastics (HSD) meets to discuss how to ; comprised of free black men and women united under the ideals of deism, proi;
    • Influenced by the historical and long-term effects of slavery, recent breakthroughs in the concept of evolutionary biology and psychology as theorized by Charles Darwin, and in some way the influence of existentialism and the "will to power" as developed by Friedrich Nietzsche, the society adhered to the following tenets as espoused below:
      • That man is naturally incapable of directing himself toward the common good of all, too driven by his own petty vendettas and fragile ego, leading to the harm consistently wrought upon all members of the species; consequently, it lays with those equipped with "sound judgement" to take hold of those unwilling to be led by reason to be guided by force, and adopt the new way of life as laid out for them by this new "cabal of rightly-guided thinkers" for their own good; the goal would be to exploit the negative aspects of herd mentality as criticized by prominent thinkers of the period, to obtain power and force the masses to adopt changes in their way of life that would allow the society to mold them into the utopia it sought to build
      • Looking to their own enslavement for centuries, the society pointed to the enslavement of black Africans as an example of the social Darwinist concept of "survival of the fittest" as coined by Herbert Spencer; this ran contrary to the views of the society that members of the black race were physically superior to their non-black counterparts, as their centuries of enslavement had so proven; seeking to resolve what they deemed to be an inexcusable deficiency on the part of their race, the society believed that it was their responsibility to help guide their fellow blacks into an age of supremacy that could only be achieved by forcing them "to advance into a superior state of being only capable under the leadership of the Diakastic society"
      • As Darwinism grew in popularity as a scientific concept, and the understanding of genetics and microbes likewise grew among the scientific community, the idea of "positive eugenics" as coined by Francis Galton, was adopted by the society as a pillar of its future utopian plans for their future state in the middle of the jungle; members of the Diakastic society were already practitioners of this concept for decades prior to the formation of Omnistate, but would seek to expand its use moving into the future
      • TBD
    • Inspired by the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, depart for the Amazon rainforest seeking to take advantage of the slave uprisings in Brazil, where they establish themselves within the interior and attempt to found a "utopian society" where "human fragility are erased and replaced with the cold logic of reason and scientific progression";
    • Members of Omnistate's
  • 1920s
    • The concept of eugenics is fully-embraced by the government and leading members of Omnistate's scientific community as a means of "improving the human condition of the average citizen"; the use of human experimentation, forced abortions, arranged marriages, and mass surveillance ramps up throughout the country for the rest of the decade going forward
    • The chemicals industry within Omnistate begins to expand rapidly with the backing of the federal government, which actively seeks to utilize the new developments within the field of chemical research to interfere with the emotional state of its citizens; the concept of the "mood-ball" originates from this period, and becomes the subject of extensive research and development by the military and other secretive bureaus funded by the government
    • Abortion and forced sterilization are legalized within Omnistate in 1927, with the goal being to filter out "undesirable traits" found within the population, as well as ensuring the "proper breeding of men and women suitable for national citizenship"
  • 1950s:
    • But the mid-1950s, Omnistate's international image was summed up by Time magazine with the following quote: "The Omni-State con best be described to curious onlookers as a strange land where negro scientists and engineers hide in the thick tropical forests of the Amazon, focusing all their national resources on goals yet unknown to the outside world. Every man is an academic, every woman a specialist, every child a future doctor of the sciences in the making. What the inhabitants of that land do with all of their time will likely fascinate the world once their 'grand experiment' has come to its conclusion."
  • 1970s
    • Omnistate transitions from a federal republic based on the government of the former United States, into a technocratic meritocracy based around the doctrine of suppressed individual will and emotions
    • Omnistate declares war on Venezuela with the objective of acquiring the southern half of the country within the Amazon, seeking to secure a more well-defined border to the north and protect the capital city