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The unification of Hyrdpryde came about in OT 5184 (1046 CE)...


The Mikaeans use a lunar calendar comprised of 216 24-hour days. A Mikaean year is divided into nine 24-day months based on the 24-day lunar cycle of their nearest moon, Furystasun. Though the lunar calendar lines up with the 216 day orbit of the Mikaean homeworld, the Mikaeans instead prefer the use of the moon due to its religious significance. Due to the prevalence of hostile predatory wildlife on their homeworld, the Mikaeans would conduct important religious events during the night within their heavily-fortified circular dwellings, using the phases of their moons as a method of timekeeping. The Mikaean calendar is divided into two eras − Old Time (OT) and New Tide (NT) − with the point of separation being the development of interstellar travel in OT 1, and the arrival of the first unmanned probe in Gliese 687 in NT 1 (1798 CE). One year on Hyrdpryde is equal to about 0.6 years on Earth. At present, the Mikaean calendar spans 5,690 local years, or about 3,368 Earth years; there are 5,312 years under Old Tide, and 378 years under New Tide. The current year on Hyrdpryde is NT 378 (2022 CE).


Old Tide (OT)[edit]

  • OT 5224: Mikaean researchers move a single atom of caesium (hewnshaft) a distance of three meters through a microscopic artificial wormhole within a laboratory setting. This groundbreaking accomplishment opens the door to further developments in the field of quantum mechanics and the possibility of faster-than-light interstellar travel for the Mikaean species.
  • OT 5232: One milligram of iron is transferred through an artificial wormhole to the surface of Furystasun using the power output of eighteen fusion reactors on Hyrdpryde. The enormous power demands to maintain stable wormhole connections is noted by the research teams on the homeworld, and work begins on the development of more energy-efficient wormholes that can remain open for longer periods of time. Efforts to widen the throat of the wormholes itself remains of secondary concern to the Mikaeans until the power issue can be resolved.
  • OT 5245: Live trials utilizing animal life begin shortly after making advances in reducing the energy demands of the wormholes. Insects are sent through the wormhole first, followed by small pests, medium-sized animals, and finally large animal livestock. Data collected on how much power is specifically required to ensure the safe arrival of live animals on Furystasun indicates that the wormhole will collapse in on itself violently if underpowered. Several hundred test animals perish in the process as the Mikaeans work to determine the coefficient for the throat of the wormhole and the energy levels demanded to maintain the connection on both ends. Mikaean trials are pushed back until the research teams managing the development of wormhole travel are confident irreversible harm of any kind can be avoided before proceeding with such tests.
  • OT 5256: Animals with similar genetic profiles to the Mikaeans are sent through the enlarged wormholes created by their researchers. 78.6% of all such test animals make it through to Forsthaven successfully, the highest such percentage since live tests begun. The government on Hyrdpryde authorizes the start of live trials consisting of Mikaean test subjects, beginning with criminals carrying death sentences.
  • OT 5260: Nine years after trials began with Mikaean test subjects, the chief researcher for the wormhole project declares that her team have accomplished their first year of 100% successful transit testing, and that full commercial traffic can begin. Construction of the artificial wormhole gate begins in orbit over Twothsun, while another is constructed over Lostyn at the edge of the star system. These gates are built with the intention of performing a test moving a research team from the homeworld to Lostyn to set up a base of operation for the exploration of interstellar travel options in neighboring systems, with one of the gates to be launched toward Gliese 687 after a successful transit from Hyrdpryde to Lostyn.
  • OT 5263: A Mikaean research team successfully transits the newly-constructed gates from the homeworld to Lostyn, and establish a permanent base on the surface of the moon. From here, the team is followed by several hundred additional support personnel who assist them in surveying the surround space for habitable worlds and preparing for future interstellar colonial efforts.
  • OT 5265: The Lostyn expedition identifies several "high probability candidates" for future colonization, and the gate over Twothsun is moved toward the edge of the system near Lostyn to prepare for its flight to Gliese 687.

New Tide (NT)[edit]