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Unit configurations[edit]

Liquidator (Sniper)[edit]

Equipment Description
M-340 Ballistic Acceleration Sniper Railgun/5mm (M-340/BASR/5mm) Standard-issue sniper rifle issued to all liquidation team members within cadre. Effective range of approximately 2,000 meters.
Liquidation Unit Concealment Bodysuit (LUCB) Form-fitting bodysuit worn by liquidators to provide personal optical stealth field and environmental protection for wearer. Similar to the standard IPS bodysuit in design and protection level, but has integrated stealth system with capability of masking body heat from sensors, and surface layer capable of cloaking the wearer from visual observation. Built-in life support systems included with power pack on back of outfit to provide power to systems.
Liquidator's Cloak Cloak specially-designed for use by liquidator teams. Provides added protection against environmental hazards as well as masking any physical heat signatures not contained within bodysuit unit. Connected to the power supply of the bodysuit to provide power to the optical shroud systems to obscure direct observation of the wearer.
Spotter Drone Used for target acquisition, atmospheric observation, and location security, as well as serving as a communications node for liquidator team while operating in the field. Connects to the back of the operator when not in active use to charge power supply. Has built-in directed-energy weapons system for use in the security role while liquidator is otherwise occupied with their primary combat objectives. Weapon strength equivalent to that of the M-110 Directed Energy Handgun/Light civilian sidearm.