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Species of the League[edit]

Core Races[edit]


The Mikaeans are the second-most populous sub-species of Mikaeanids within the League of Civilized Worlds, though are the most politically entrenched of the member races. Named so after the creator of the Mikaeanids, the Mikaeans share the most traits with their creator, visible and invisible; cementing their power and influence within the interstellar nation. They comprise approximately XX% of the League population, and are considered one of the most powerful member races of the League due to their historical role in its founding and expansion. The majority of League soldiers are members of the Mikaean species, and most of the political institutions which make up the League's federal government and judiciary are dominated by the Mikaeans as well.

Originating on the planet of Family Pride in the Chara system, the Mikaeans are an almost entirely female species insofar as their physical traits are concerned. Biologically and psychologically, the Mikaeans are classified as male and refer to one another as such. Mikaeans reproduce through a handful of individuals known as "High Patrons", who spawn tens of millions eggs individually year in and year out. Every majority Mikaean planet has a resident High Patron, who is responsible for managing all of the creches on the planet and spawning all of the Mikaeans who reside there, making him the father of all native Mikaeans within his jurisdiction. Mikaeans mature rapidly, with the average Mikaean reaching adulthood by the age of six, while patrons are able to reproduce by the age of ten. Because of the rapid population growth of the Mikaean species, the overwhelming majority of planets dominated by them are classified as ecumenopolises; the majority of these planets suffer from high crime and poverty rates, but are among the most industrialized within the League.

Politically, the majority of Mikaean voters are members of the Federalist Party of the League of Civilized Worlds, the traditional "big-tent" party which was founded as the originally ruling party of the League some three hundred years ago. The Mikaeans were one of the five founding races of the League, and actively influence the direction of the institution because of this fact. With the exception of the Hilam, the Mikaeans have produced more presidents for the League than any other member race, with XX out of XX presidents being of Mikaean background. Racial discrimination by the Mikaeans due to their status as one of the founding members of the League has cemented them as among one of the most hated races within the nation. Mikaeans share a strong cultural bond with the Hilam, with whom many of their beliefs are shared, as well as their dual role in helping to found and unify the League as its two most powerful species.


The Hilam are the most populous species within the League, and comprise the most powerful political block within the federal government. They account for approximately XX% of the federal population, and are represented in virtually all levels of society within the League. The Hilam were among the five original member races of the League who created the institution, and helped to expand it to its current state as of the present date. Prior to the formation of the League, the Hilam had established contact with the Mikaeans, and were primarily responsible for helping develop and propagate the TBD-TBD drive which allowed for practical interstellar travel. The first wormhole gate that was established between star systems was built between Xi Bootis and Chara, opening the era of modern interstellar history.

The Hilam are an aquatic species native to the oceanic planet of Muliiya in the Xi Bootis system, which bears the distinction of being the most-populous celestial body within the League of Civilized Worlds, boasting a population in excess of 71 billion inhabitants. The Hilam are asexual, lacking any distinct sexual differences between individuals. Instead, all members of the population are individually capable of bearing offspring; one individual ejecting sperm and other ejecting eggs into a common body of water, where the eggs are fertilized begin the growing process. Hilam providing the eggs usually spawn up to a thousand, though rarely are more than 100-150 instances fertilized during reproduction. Though the Hilam are individually incapable of competing with the Mikaeans in terms of outright birth rates, as a species, the Hilam managed to overtake their counterparts demographically due to the high number of births per individual collectively.

Politically, the Hilam are represented at all levels of government, with the current president of the nation being a member of the Hilam species. They have historically played a major role in the outworking of federal politics, due mainly to their role in helping to found the League three centuries ago, securing for them long-term political power. As with the Mikaeans, the Hilam are notorious racists who actively shun all of the smaller and less politically active member races of the League. Most institutions of power within the nation are either controlled by the Hilam or the Mikaeans, leading many to point out that the League is less a union of species, and more a political alliance between the two most dominate races of the League. As with the Mikaeans, overpopulation and political corruption are the two most important political issues for the Hilam. Consequently, the majority of the Hilam are devoted Federalist Party members.


The Elysians were the third race of Mikaeanids to join the League of Civilized Worlds, and rank as the fourth or fifth most populous species depending on the metrics used for population counting. Elysians account for XX% of the population, and rank as one of the most impoverished species in the League. The Elysians are trapped in a cycle of crime, corruption, and poverty, and have historically held the title of least educational attainment throughout the population. The majority are dependent upon government benefits, and the average standard of living for Elysians is low. As of the present date, the Elysians possessed the lowest individual per capita income throughout the League, and more than 60% of Elysians live in poverty.

Native to the planet of Elysia in the TBD system, the Elysians reproduce in the traditional manner with a male impregnating a female who carries the offspring to term. The gestation period for the Elysians is approximately seven months, with mothers capable of giving birth after a three month resting period. The average Elysian mother has about six children, though the birth rate for Elysian women was 7.9, indicating a high mortality rate among newborn Elysians. Physically, Elysian males and females are overall similar in terms of physical appearance, with the primary difference being their reproductive roles. Aside from this, male and female Elysians are capable of the same physical and mental feats, and have historically possessed the highest levels of gender equality within their civilization. Despite this, at the time the Mikaean and Hilam explorers discovered them, the Elysian homeworld was suffering from rampant warfare, poverty, and pollution.

The Elysians actively campaigned for membership into a union of worlds prior to the formation of the League. Seeking to alleviate the slow deterioration of their species and civilization, many Elysian leaders begged for help from the Mikaeans and Hilam, who agreed to induct the Elysians into their planned federation. Upon the introduction of economical transportation between planets, economic migrants from Elysia spread out throughout the entirety of the League's territory, moving to any location that wasn't Elysia. Today, crime and corruption still run rampant across Elysia, but the cultural attitudes which allowed for the festering of such vices within Elysian society were exported to the other League worlds by the Elysians themselves. More than 55% of all violent crime within the League is committed by Elysians, who are held in contempt by their fellow citizens. Politically, the Elysians, ever dependent upon state handouts, vote overwhelmingly for the Equalist Party, which remains dependent upon the Elysians in turn for its political survival.


The Sikatrians were the fourth founding member species of the League, but the second species discovered by the Mikaeans during their epic mission to explore the newly established gate network created by the Hilam and Mikaeans years prior. Deeply religious and content with their lives, the Sikatrians never developed their civilization's technological state beyond the gunpowder age. At the time of their discovery, the species was nearly destroyed by the instability of their homeworld's orbit into the gas giant it was orbiting. The Mikaeans organized a rescue effort which directly lead to the Sikatrians joining the League in gratitude for their survival. Sikatrians today comprise XX% of the population, and are ranked as the eight most populous species within the League.

Originally native to the moon of Tezhin, the Sikatrians were transported to the planet of New Tezhin in the TBD system where they current reside to this day. The Sikatrians have nearly jet black skin, which has a leathery feel to it but provides them with a strong resistance to physical harm or serious burns. Thick white bony protrusions extend from the upper-chest going downward, providing a "cage-like" appearance around the abdomen. These same protrusions exist around the arms and legs, granting ample protection to their extremities. Sikatrians possess sharp teeth and claws, but will only ever use them in self-defense and never out of anger. Reproductively, the Sikatrians multiply through the act of sexual intercourse, with the female laying between one to three eggs after a month of gestation, after-which the newborn will hatch following a five-month period.

As a species, the Sikatrians have sought to remain politically unaligned, believing that it is not the role of mortals to involve themselves in political decisions or leadership roles which rightfully belong to God. Consequently, only a handful of Sikatrians are known to be active within the federal government. Of those known to be active politically, most are supporters of the ultra-conservative parties, such as TBD or TBD, both of which espouse devotion to God as the only means by which the League can truly prosper. These parties are adamantly opposed to the idea of granting citizenship and legal protections to androids and clones, believing that giving these rights to artificial creations will lead to a potential hazard where artificial life could attempt to displace natural-born beings in the universe by force.

League Schedule Races[edit]

2010 League Census Population % of Total Population
Core Races group
Hilam 0 0%
Mikaean 0 0%
Elysian 0 0%
Skurian 0 0%
Sikatrian 0 0%
Azurigu 0 0%
TBD 0 0%
TBD 0 0%
TBD 0 0%
TBD 0 0%
Total Core Races population 0 0%
Outer Races group
Human 0 0%
Ayulen 0 0%
Vekaryn 0 0%
Total Outer Races population 0 0%
Anudyne group
Irinid 0 0%
Replicant 0 0%
Total Anudyne population 0 0%
Total population 0 100%


  • Anudyne – From Bengali anukaraṇa (অনুকরণ, imitation) and Greek dynamis (δύναμις, power or force); "anu" and "dyne" or "force of imitation"; refers to any artificially-created lifeforms within the Mikaegeny, i.e., the irinids (androids) and replicants (clones)
  • Irinid – From Hausa irin (metal) and Latin suffix -id (meaning "pertaining to"); refers to all android lifeforms developed by the Mikaegeny
  • Replicant – References all cloned lifeforms within the Mikaegeny; currently undergoing significant legal debate on the status of such individuals and the manner of whether or not civil rights pertain to them