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The Hilam are a soft-bodied, gelatinous, humanoid species native to the planet of Muliiya in the Xi Boötis system.



The Hilam are androgynous and asexual bipedal organisms, with translucent, bioluminescent skin and organs which they use to convey thoughts, feelings, and speech patterns. They possess a head, two arms and two legs, and a small vertical slit which serves as their "mouth" and seems to "disappear" when not in use, allowing them to consume food orally as needed. However, the Hilam are incapable of complex verbal communication, instead relying on visual signals produced with their bioluminescent bodies, and making low-pitch whistling sounds to indicate strong emotions over greater distances. Hilam stand on average about 5'4" (162.56 cm) on average, an weigh about 130 lbs (58.9 kg), most of the weight being high-water content and densely-packed muscle cells. It was originally believed by League scientists that there were two sexes within the species, one being the aggressive "males" and the other the passive "females". However, this was proven to be unfounded as all members of the race were shown to be equally as aggressive as one another, and all only when pushed to defend themselves. The Hilam appear to have vaguely feminine bodies, with large hips, narrow waists, and a high leg-body-ratio (LBR) indicative of female humanoids, but lack breasts which are the most visible and defining features of the female body.

Hilam eyes consist of four all-black orbs – two large eyes above and two small eyes below – which when active, produce an array of lights and colors which serve as the primary means of speech and signal coordination within the species. Lacking a nose given their aquatic nature, the Hilam have no traditional sense of smell, and appear immune to the effects of certain toxins that are introduced via nasal cavities. They possess a set of gills below the chest, which are capable of processing oxygen even in the absence of water, as required for survival on ground. As aforementioned, the Hilam have a small vertical slit which serves as the oral cavity they use for the consumption of food. The Hilam have no teeth, but shallow food whole or in part, and digest the food with powerful stomach acids capable of processing the material with a few hours time. Hilam do possess a prehensile tongue, mostly to help break up food into smaller portions for digestion, but they are capable of taste and are relatively long and powerful.

The skeletal system of the Hilam appears to consist of bones consisting of a type of thick keratin of a pinkish white coloration. The bones are clearly capable of supporting the weight of the Hilam's body, as well as up to 75-80% of the weight of the Hilam itself. The skeleton does not consist of a skull, or even femur akin to that in other species, where the bulk of the lower body's weight is carried. Where the skull would rest instead exists a "stub" where a dense pack of nerves and nerve endings burst forth into the head. The massive bundle of pink, purple, and white blue nerve endings fill the cranial space of the head, and exit from the rear-end of the head as thousands of strands of "hair" down to the shoulder-blades. They are protected in their exposed state by thick membrane, which protects the nerves from physical harm and exposure to the air and particulates. Descending from the back of the head are between five to seven large tendrils which contain vital clusters of what serve as the central parts of the Hilam "brain". It would appears that the Hilam skeleton serves as a means wrapping the Hilam's extensive nervous system around a centralized "antenna" of sorts, and providing structural support to the limbs and back.

The hands and feet of the Hilam consist of five fingers and toes on all four limbs, and have webs which connect the appendages together. The skin of the Hilam varies from clear blue to a milky pink based on age and location. Hilam are not naturally accustom to walking upright, and typically move with a wide sway with their arms more outstretched than normal for humanoids, with the goal of balancing themselves as they move. Hilam skin is tough yet pliable, with a definitively gelatinous texture to it thanks to the natural gel the Hilam seem to emit from the pours on their bodies. The substance serves as a moisture trap, allowing them to operate outside of the water for prolonged periods of time. Consequently, they do not require constant exposure to water to live, and can survive quite well on the surface on a permanent basis. However, they become lethargic when exposed to high levels of heat or dry air, and will succumb to the effects of dehydration at a far faster rate than a non-aquatic lifeform would with the same degree of exposure. Without some degree of moisture to keep them hydrated, the Hilam will ultimately die of advanced stages of dehydration. Hilam are highly susceptible to the cold, and find temperatures below 15°C (59°F) to be unbearably painful, and thus stick to warm, tropical regions wherever possible.

Hilam are relatively frail compared to their biological mass, lacking the degree of upper-body strength found in most other humanoid lifeforms of similar build. However, they are capable of protecting themselves by unleashing several two to three foot long flagellum from their hands, which possess millions of cnidocyte, all of which possess nematocytes – microscopic harpoon-shaped mechanisms which inject venom directly into a victim or attacker. A Hilam can force the flagellum from their arms through the palm of their hands using the vast number of muscles within their body, allowing for immediate strikes in self-defense. The toxicity of the stings apparently depends on the age of the Hilam, and the overall exposure and number of nematocytes that hit the individual, though in all cases the wound appears as a burn mark and is extremely painful to touch or treat. Hilam seem capable of performing these sorts of attacks at an early age, though they seek alternatives to fighting if it can be avoided, instead looking to escape rather than fight. Minor Hilam are generally harmless, only causing irritation of the skin, which though unpleasant is completely harmless. Most children do so without knowing or may do so without knowing the harm it can do to others, and are widely disciplined for their actions against strangers.


Hilam are, by and large, harmless when approached and rather genial toward other individuals. They are typically distressed or skittish when confronted by hostile forces, and often seek to avoid conflicts out of fear and panic. As a species, Hilam are neither courageous or daring, and tend to stick to large groups of their own members so as to limit their interactions with other species.

List of Hilam names[edit]

  • Examples:
    • Miala Kayuyua
    • Sialu Nilolau
    • Faola Maluyua

Hilam names[edit]

Hilam names (100)
Faala Faalu Failu Faola Fialu Fiila Fiilu Foala Foalu Foila
Foilu Foola Foolu Haala Haalu Haila Hailu Haola Haolu Hiala
Hialu Hiila Hiilu Hiola Hiolu Hoila Hoilu Hoola Hoolu Laala
Laalu Laila Lailu Laola Laolu Liala Liila Loala Loila Loilu
Loola Loolu Maila Mailu Maola Miala Mialu Miila Miilu Miola
Miolu Moala Moila Moilu Moola Moolu Paala Paalu Paila Pailu
Paola Paolu Piala Pialu Piila Piilu Piola Poalu Poila Poolu
Saala Saalu Saila Saola Siala Sialu Siila Siilu Siola Soala
Soalu Soilu Soola Waala Waalu Wailu Waola Waolu Wiala Wialu
Wiila Wiilu Wiola Wiolu Woala Woalu Woila Woilu Woola Woolu


Hilam surnames (642)
Halalao Halaloa Halayuo Halolao Haloluo Haloyoo Halulaa Haluyao Haluyoa Haluyoo
Haluyuu Hayayou Hayayuu Hayoyua Hayulou Hilalau Hilaloa Hilalua Hilaluo Hiloloa
Hilolou Hilolua Hiloluu Hiloyoa Hiloyou Hiluyaa Hiluyuo Hiyalau Hiyalou Hiyaluo
Hiyayuo Hiyolao Hiyoyau Holayao Holayuu Hololoo Hololuo Holulaa Holuloa Holuyoo
Hoyaloo Hoyalua Hoyolaa Hoyoloa Hoyoyau Hoyulao Hoyuloo Hoyuyoo Hulalao Hulalua
Hulaluu Hulayao Hulayou Hulolau Huloyaa Huloyau Huloyoo Huluyoo Huluyuu Huyaluo
Huyaluu Huyayaa Huyayua Huyoloo Huyoluo Huyoyua Huyoyuo Huyulao Huyuluo Huyuluu
Huyuyaa Huyuyuu Kalalao Kalalau Kalalau Kalaloo Kalalou Kalaluu Kalayoa Kalayoo
Kalayua Kalolaa Kalolua Kaloluo Kaloluu Kaloyaa Kaloyao Kaloyua Kalulaa Kalulao
Kalulau Kaluloa Kalulou Kaluyao Kaluyoa Kaluyoo Kaluyoo Kaluyua Kayaloa Kayaluo
Kayayau Kayayuu Kayayuu Kayolao Kayolou Kayolua Kayolua Kayoluo Kayoluu Kayulua
Kayulua Kayuyaa Kayuyao Kayuyou Kayuyua Kayuyuu Kilaloo Kilaloo Kilaluo Kilayaa
Kilayao Kilayoo Kilayuo Kilolao Kiloloa Kiloloo Kilolou Kiloluo Kiloyao Kiloyoa
Kiloyua Kiloyua Kiloyuo Kilulaa Kilulou Kiluluo Kiluyau Kiluyuu Kiyalaa Kiyaloo
Kiyayoa Kiyayua Kiyolao Kiyoloa Kiyoloa Kiyolua Kiyoyao Kiyoyau Kiyoyoa Kiyulaa
Kiyulao Kiyulau Kiyulau Kiyuloa Kiyuloa Kiyuluu Kiyuyao Kiyuyau Kiyuyou Kolalau
Kolaloa Kolaloa Kolaluu Kolayaa Kolayoo Kolayou Kololaa Koloyaa Koloyou Koloyua
Koloyuo Koluloo Kolulou Koluluo Koluyaa Koluyou Koluyuo Koyalao Koyaloo Koyaluo
Koyayou Koyayua Koyayuo Koyolaa Koyolau Koyoyau Koyuyau Koyuyuo Kulalau Kulalou
Kulayaa Kulayao Kulayao Kulayoa Kulolaa Kulolau Kuloloa Kulolou Kuloyaa Kuloyao
Kuloyau Kululaa Kululao Kululoo Kululua Kuluyau Kuluyoa Kuluyoo Kuluyuo Kuyalao
Kuyaloo Kuyaluu Kuyayao Kuyayao Kuyayuu Kuyoloa Kuyoloo Kuyoyao Kuyoyou Kuyoyua
Kuyoyuu Kuyoyuu Kuyuloa Kuyuloo Kuyuyoa Kuyuyoa Kuyuyuu Malalaa Malalao Malalau
Malaloa Malalua Malaluo Malaluu Malayuo Malolaa Maloloa Maloluu Maluloo Malulou
Malulua Maluluo Maluyua Mayalau Mayaloo Mayalou Mayayau Mayayoo Mayayoo Mayayuo
Mayolaa Mayolua Mayoyao Mayoyau Mayoyoa Mayoyoa Mayoyua Mayoyuu Mayoyuu Mayulaa
Mayulua Mayuluu Mayuyoa Milalaa Milalao Milalau Milalou Milalua Milaluo Milaluu
Milayau Milayoo Milayoo Milayua Milayua Milolau Milolau Miloloa Miloloo Milolua
Miloyao Miloyao Miloyau Miloyoa Miloyoo Miloyou Miloyuu Miluluu Miluyau Miyaloa
Miyaluu Miyayao Miyayoa Miyayoa Miyayoo Miyayou Miyoyao Miyoyua Miyulaa Miyuyoa
Miyuyuo Molalaa Molalau Molaloa Molayoa Molayoa Molayoo Molayuo Mololoa Moloyau
Moloyou Moloyou Moloyua Molulua Moluluo Moluluu Moluyaa Moluyoo Moyalau Moyaloa
Moyaloa Moyalou Moyaluu Moyayao Moyayua Moyayuo Moyolao Moyolau Moyoloo Moyoyao
Moyoyoa Moyoyoo Moyoyou Moyulaa Moyuluo Moyuluo Moyuyou Moyuyua Moyuyuu Moyuyuu
Mulalao Mulalau Mulaloo Mulaloo Mulalua Mulaluo Mulayaa Mulayoa Mulolao Muloyaa
Muloyoo Muloyuu Mululoa Mululou Muluyau Muyalao Muyalou Muyalua Muyaluo Muyaluu
Muyaluu Muyayaa Muyayuo Muyolaa Muyolau Muyoloa Muyolou Muyolua Muyoluo Muyoluu
Muyoyou Muyoyou Muyulaa Muyuloo Muyuyaa Muyuyoa Muyuyoo Nalalao Nalalau Nalalou
Nalayao Nalayau Nalayoa Nalayua Nalolua Naloyau Naloyuu Nalulao Nalulau Nalulau
Naluyao Naluyau Naluyoo Naluyou Naluyua Naluyuu Nayaloa Nayaloo Nayaluo Nayayaa
Nayayuo Nayoyao Nayoyoo Nayoyuo Nayoyuu Nayulau Nayulau Nayuloa Nayulua Nayuluo
Nayuyuo Nayuyuo Nayuyuu Nilalaa Nilayua Nilolau Nilolau Nilolou Niloluu Niloyou
Niloyuu Nilulua Niluyaa Niluyao Niluyoo Niluyou Niluyuo Niyaloa Niyaluu Niyayua
Niyayuu Niyoloa Niyolua Niyoluo Niyoluu Niyoyou Niyulaa Niyuloa Niyuloo Niyulou
Niyuluo Niyuyoo Nolalao Nolaluu Nolayua Nololao Nololau Nololoo Nololuu Noloyaa
Noloyoo Noloyuu Noluloa Noluloo Noluluo Noluyaa Noluyau Noyalaa Noyalao Noyalau
Noyaloa Noyaloo Noyayoa Noyayoa Noyayoo Noyolao Noyoloa Noyoyao Noyulau Noyuloo
Noyuluo Noyuluu Noyuyau Noyuyoa Noyuyoo Noyuyuu Nulaloa Nulaloo Nulalou Nulaluo
Nulayau Nulayou Nuloloa Nuloluu Nuloyau Nuloyoa Nuloyou Nuloyua Nuloyuu Nululuo
Nululuu Nuluyaa Nuluyaa Nuluyao Nuluyoa Nuyaloo Nuyalou Nuyalua Nuyayaa Nuyayao
Nuyayau Nuyayoa Nuyayuo Nuyayuu Nuyolao Nuyolau Nuyoloo Nuyoyoa Nuyoyua Nuyuloo
Nuyulou Nuyuyaa Nuyuyoa Nuyuyua Palaluo Palayao Palayoo Palayou Palayuo Palolao
Paloyua Paluloo Paluyoa Paluyou Payalao Payalau Payalua Payayou Payoluu Payoyua
Payulao Payulua Payuyoo Payuyou Pilaluo Pilayao Piloyaa Piloyoo Pilulao Pilulou
Piluyoa Piyaluo Piyayau Piyayoo Piyoloo Piyoluu Piyuloa Piyuyoa Piyuyuo Polalaa
Polalao Polaloa Pololau Pololuo Poloyua Poluyoa Poluyoo Poluyou Poyalao Poyalua
Poyaluo Poyayoo Poyolou Poyuyou Poyuyua Pulaluu Pulolaa Puloyoo Puloyuo Puluyao
Puyalao Puyaluo Puyaluu Puyayaa Puyolaa Puyoyao Puyuloa Puyuluu Salaluu Salayao
Salayou Salayuo Salayuu Salolou Saloluu Saloyaa Saloyua Saluloa Salulua Saluyaa
Saluyau Sayaloo Sayayuo Sayoyao Sayoyoo Sayulaa Sayuyaa Silaloa Silaluo Silayoo
Silayou Silolou Siloyoa Siloyoo Siloyou Siluloa Siluyoo Siluyuo Siyalou Siyayaa
Siyolua Siyoyou Siyoyuu Solayoo Sololoa Sololuo Solulaa Solulau Soluluo Soluluu
Soyaluu Soyayao Soyolaa Soyolou Soyoyaa Soyulou Soyuyou Sulalao Sulalou Sulayau
Sulayuu Suloyau Sululau Suluyuo Suyalau Suyolua Suyoluo Suyoyou Suyoyuo Suyoyuu
Suyulua Suyuyou





List of Damar names[edit]

  • Examples:
    • Tkr'Vyk:Dhadu'KgJuvanyogdu
    • Ryk'Tkn:Nyika'KgDaguhyodka
    • Whi'Huk:Hhiyi'KgRuvahyodka


Houses of the Damar

Caste prefix[edit]

Damar castes
Warriors Priests Commoners Slaves

Damar names[edit]

List of Damar names (389)
Male Damar names (130)
Dhada Dhado Dhadu Dhaga Dhago Dhagu Dhaka Dhako Dhaku Dhoda
Dhodo Dhoga Dhogo Dhogu Dhoka Dhoko Dhoku Dhuda Dhudo Dhudu
Dhugo Dhugu Dhuka Dhuko Dhuku Ghada Ghado Ghadu Ghaga Ghago
Ghagu Ghaka Ghako Ghaku Ghoda Ghodo Ghodu Ghoga Ghogo Ghogu
Ghoka Ghoko Ghoku Ghuda Ghudo Ghudu Ghuga Ghugo Ghugu Ghuka
Ghuko Ghuku Jhada Jhado Jhadu Jhaga Jhago Jhagu Jhaka Jhako
Jhaku Jhoda Jhodo Jhodu Jhoga Jhogo Jhogu Jhoka Jhoku Jhuda
Jhudo Jhudu Jhuga Jhugo Jhugu Jhuka Jhuko Jhuku Khada Khado
Khadu Khaga Khago Khagu Khaka Khako Khaku Khoda Khodo Khodu
Khoga Khogo Khogu Khoka Khoko Khoku Khuda Khudo Khudu Khuga
Khugo Khugu Khuka Khuko Khuku Rhada Rhado Rhadu Rhaga Rhago
Rhagu Rhaka Rhako Rhaku Rhoda Rhodo Rhodu Rhoga Rhogo Rhogu
Rhoko Rhoku Rhuda Rhudo Rhudu Rhuga Rhugu Rhuka Rhuko Rhuku
Female Damar names (259)
Fhaka Fhaki Fhaya Fhayi Fhaza Fhazi Fhika Fhiki Fhiya Fhiyi
Fhiza Fhizi Fhuka Fhuki Fhuya Fhuyi Fhuza Fhuzi Fyaka Fyaki
Fyaya Fyayi Fyaza Fyazi Fyika Fyiki Fyiya Fyiyi Fyiza Fyizi
Fyuka Fyuki Fyuya Fyuyi Fyuza Fyuzi Hhaka Hhaki Hhaya Hhayi
Hhaza Hhazi Hhika Hhiki Hhiya Hhiyi Hhiza Hhizi Hhuka Hhuki
Hhuya Hhuyi Hhuza Hhuzi Hyaka Hyaki Hyaya Hyayi Hyaza Hyazi
Hyika Hyiki Hyiya Hyiyi Hyiza Hyizi Hyuka Hyuki Hyuya Hyuyi
Hyuza Hyuzi Mhaka Mhaki Mhaya Mhayi Mhaza Mhika Mhiki Mhiya
Mhiyi Mhiza Mhizi Mhuka Mhuki Mhuya Mhuyi Mhuza Mhuzi Myaka
Myaki Myaya Myaza Myazi Myika Myiki Myiya Myiyi Myiza Myuka
Myuyi Myuza Myuzi Nhaka Nhaki Nhaya Nhayi Nhaza Nhazi Nhiki
Nhiyi Nhiza Nhuka Nhuki Nhuya Nhuyi Nhuzi Nyaka Nyaya Nyayi
Nyaza Nyika Nyiki Nyiya Nyiyi Nyiza Nyizi Nyuki Nyuya Nyuyi
Nyuza Nyuzi Shaka Shaki Shaya Shayi Shazi Shika Shiki Shiya
Shiyi Shiza Shizi Shuka Shuki Shuya Shuyi Shuza Shuzi Syaka
Syaki Syaya Syayi Syaza Syika Syiki Syiyi Syizi Syuka Syuki
Syuya Syuyi Syuza Thaka Thaki Thaya Thayi Thaza Thazi Thika
Thiki Thiyi Thiza Thuka Thuki Thuya Thuza Thuzi Tyaka Tyaki
Tyaya Tyayi Tyaza Tyazi Tyika Tyiki Tyiya Tyiyi Tyiza Tyizi
Tyuka Tyuya Tyuyi Tyuza Tyuzi Vhaka Vhaki Vhaya Vhayi Vhaza
Vhazi Vhika Vhiki Vhiyi Vhiza Vhizi Vhuka Vhuki Vhuya Vhuyi
Vhuza Vhuzi Vyaka Vyaki Vyaya Vyayi Vyaza Vyika Vyiya Vyiza
Vyizi Vyuka Vyuki Vyuyi Vyuza Vyuzi Whaki Whaya Whayi Whaza
Whazi Whika Whiki Whiya Whiyi Whiza Whizi Whuka Whuya Whuyi
Whuza Whuzi Wyaka Wyaki Wyaya Wyayi Wyaza Wyazi Wyika Wyiki
Wyiya Wyiyi Wyiza Wyizi Wyuka Wyuki Wyuya Wyuyi Wyuza Wyuzi

Sexual identifier[edit]

Damar sexual identifiers
Son Daughter


Damar surnames (278)
Dagadyo Dagahyo Dagakyo Daganyo Dagudyo Daguhyo Dagukyo Dagunyo Datadyo Datahyo
Datakyo Datanyo Datudyo Datuhyo Datukyo Datunyo Davadyo Davahyo Davakyo Davanyo
Davudyo Davuhyo Davukyo Davunyo Dugadyo Dugahyo Dugakyo Duganyo Dugudyo Duguhyo
Dugukyo Dugunyo Dutadyo Dutahyo Dutakyo Dutanyo Dutudyo Dutuhyo Dutukyo Dutunyo
Duvadyo Duvahyo Duvakyo Duvanyo Duvudyo Duvuhyo Duvukyo Duvunyo Hagadyo Hagahyo
Hagakyo Haganyo Hagudyo Haguhyo Hagukyo Hagunyo Hatadyo Hatahyo Hatakyo Hatanyo
Hatudyo Hatuhyo Hatukyo Hatunyo Havadyo Havahyo Havakyo Havanyo Havudyo Havuhyo
Havukyo Havunyo Hugadyo Hugahyo Hugakyo Huganyo Hugudyo Huguhyo Hugukyo Hugunyo
Hutahyo Hutakyo Hutanyo Hutudyo Hutuhyo Hutukyo Hutunyo Huvadyo Huvakyo Huvanyo
Huvudyo Huvuhyo Huvukyo Huvunyo Jagadyo Jagahyo Jagakyo Jaganyo Jagudyo Jaguhyo
Jagukyo Jagunyo Jatadyo Jatanyo Jatudyo Jatuhyo Jatukyo Jatunyo Javadyo Javahyo
Javakyo Javanyo Javudyo Javuhyo Javukyo Javunyo Jugadyo Jugahyo Jugakyo Juganyo
Jugudyo Juguhyo Jugukyo Jugunyo Jutadyo Jutahyo Jutakyo Jutanyo Jutudyo Jutuhyo
Jutukyo Jutunyo Juvadyo Juvahyo Juvakyo Juvanyo Juvuhyo Juvukyo Juvunyo Kagadyo
Kagahyo Kagakyo Kaganyo Kagudyo Kaguhyo Kagukyo Kagunyo Katadyo Katahyo Katakyo
Katanyo Katudyo Katuhyo Katukyo Katunyo Kavadyo Kavahyo Kavanyo Kavudyo Kavuhyo
Kavukyo Kavunyo Kugadyo Kugahyo Kugakyo Kuganyo Kugudyo Kuguhyo Kugukyo Kugunyo
Kutadyo Kutahyo Kutakyo Kutanyo Kutudyo Kutuhyo Kutukyo Kutunyo Kuvadyo Kuvahyo
Kuvakyo Kuvuhyo Kuvukyo Kuvunyo Nagadyo Nagahyo Nagakyo Naganyo Nagudyo Naguhyo
Nagukyo Nagunyo Natadyo Natahyo Natakyo Natanyo Natudyo Natuhyo Natukyo Natunyo
Navadyo Navahyo Navakyo Navanyo Navudyo Navuhyo Navukyo Navunyo Nugadyo Nugakyo
Nuganyo Nugudyo Nuguhyo Nugukyo Nugunyo Nutadyo Nutahyo Nutakyo Nutanyo Nutudyo
Nutuhyo Nutukyo Nutunyo Nuvadyo Nuvahyo Nuvakyo Nuvanyo Nuvudyo Nuvuhyo Nuvukyo
Nuvunyo Ragadyo Ragahyo Ragakyo Raganyo Ragudyo Raguhyo Ragukyo Ragunyo Ratadyo
Ratahyo Ratakyo Ratanyo Ratudyo Ratuhyo Ratukyo Ratunyo Ravadyo Ravahyo Ravakyo
Ravanyo Ravudyo Ravuhyo Ravukyo Ravunyo Rugadyo Rugahyo Rugakyo Ruganyo Rugudyo
Ruguhyo Rugukyo Rugunyo Rutadyo Rutahyo Rutakyo Rutanyo Rutudyo Rutuhyo Rutukyo
Rutunyo Ruvadyo Ruvahyo Ruvanyo Ruvudyo Ruvuhyo Ruvukyo Ruvunyo




The Azurigu are a blue-skinned humanoid lupine species, with a two arms, two legs, and a head typical of their racial phenotype. Azurigu possess a relatively thin layer of bluish-green fur which covers their entire body, and which is superb at protecting them from cold weather in their native environment. Of note is that it is the color of their fur from which the race gets it name, "Azurigu" coming from, in part, the Mikaean term "azure", or blue, and the other half "-igu" coming from the old Azurigu term for "child". There are two sexes within the species, male and female, with clearly defined gender roles that all members of society are expected to live by. Male Azurigu stand on average about 6'3" (190.5 cm), and weigh about 139 lbs (63 kg), most of which being lean muscle. Female Azurigu stand about 5'11" (180.3 cm) on average, and weigh around 128 lbs (58 kg), though most of this being fatty tissue around the thighs and breasts. Azurigu hair long, straight, and jet black in coloration, and boasts a somewhat silky texture for which the race is famed. As a race, Azurigu are relative tall compared to other humanoid lifeforms within the League.

The Azurigu face is somewhat flat with a pointed center forming at the nose, with somewhat feline characteristics. Their ears come out about 3.4-5" inches (8.6-12.7 cm) from the sides of their head, and possess keen senses allowing the Azurigu to hear up to several hundred meters away. The eye of the Azurigu are pure black in color, but have a number of advantages in the form of heightened night-vision capabilities not found in the other humanoid races of the League. As with other non-sentient lupine species, the Azurigu have an acute olfactory capabilities, which are considered one of the sharpest, if not the sharpest sense of the species as a whole. An Azurigu adult male is capable of tracking the scent of an individual up to several kilometers away, using only a few cells left behind by the person. The biological material left behind can be up to two or even three weeks old, but would be more than sufficient for the Azurigu to pick up the scent and track them. Consequently, the Azurigu are famed trackers and scouts within the military, and have historically dominated the light infantry units of the League for decades.

The musculoskeletal system of the Azurigu boasts a lightweight frame in the form of the skeleton, and a dense muscular structure, granting the species greater physical strength than their sinewy appearance would reveal. Azurigu bones have a honeycomb structure granting the bones a far lighter weight than normal, but preserving the strength of their skeleton as a whole. Combined with their high level of adrenaline and stamina, Azurigu excel at endurance running, and can outrun and outlast any of their peers over any distance regardless of either terrain or training. All members of the species possess natural weapons in the form of claws and sharp teeth, the claws themselves composed of a thick, black keratin, which can cut through most flesh without resistance. Azurigu saliva consists of anti-clotting and anti-vascular constriction substances, preventing a bite wound from healing, and causing the victim to bleed out or slow down to heal, giving the Azurigu time to catch up with them.

Azurigu dietary preferences are relatively broad, with practically any digestible material being sufficient for the needs of the species. Though the Azurigu are predominately carnivores, they are omnivores and will eat whatever they have access too. Food as a whole is viewed with a higher degree of respect and value by the Azurigu, and never taken for granted by members of the species, who will view their meal as a gift and treat it as such. The digestive tract of the species is well-equipped to deal with parasites and diseases, allowing an Azurigu to consume rancid meat without succumbing to most of the issues linked with doing so. The digestive fluids in the stomach will destroy any parasites within the food, and break down most of the material allowing the Azurigu to pull whatever nutrients within the item out as possible. As such, the Azurigu can best be described as scavenger eaters, consuming carrion and hunting whatever they can find for food. Cannibalism is not looked down upon by the Azurigu, and is in fact considered an honor to feed one's loved ones after death.


List of Azurigu names[edit]

  • Examples:
    • Ituanuku Qoakoek Ik'Teotuik Qeoqaslouk
    • Ukaukatu Nuouqat Qa'Qiukik Saekosluuk
    • Uquurusu Muukook Ik'Mualiik Tookowlook

Spirit names[edit]

Azurigu spirit names (465)
Ikaakasu Ikaakato Ikaakuku Ikaanako Ikaanaku Ikaanasu Ikaanata Ikaanuta Ikaanutu Ikaaraka
Ikaaraso Ikaarasu Ikaarata Ikaaruka Ikaaruta Ikaayuka Ikaayusu Ikaunuko Ikaunutu Ikaurusa
Ikuakuko Ikuakusa Ikuakuto Ikuanutu Ikuaraku Ikuaruku Ikuaruso Ikuarusu Ikuaruta Ikuayako
Ikuayasa Ikuayasu Ikuayuto Ikuukato Ikuukuso Ikuurutu Ikuuyasu Ikuuyuko Iqaakusu Iqaanata
Iqaanuko Iqaanuku Iqaanuta Iqaayuta Iqaukaka Iqaukasa Iqaukuka Iqaukuku Iqaukusu Iqaukuta
Iqaukuto Iqaukutu Iqaunuko Iqaunuku Iqaunuta Iqaunutu Iqaurasu Iqaurutu Iqauyako Iqauyuto
Iquakuso Iquakuto Iquanato Iquanuto Iquarako Iquaraso Iquarata Iquaratu Iquayako Iquayuto
Iquukuka Iquukutu Iquunaso Iquunuka Iquunusa Iquunuta Iquuraku Iquuruka Iquurusu Iquuyaku
Iraakaka Iraakasa Iraakasu Iraakato Iraakuka Iraanaso Iraaraka Iraayatu Iraukaku Iraukuko
Iraunuso Irauruka Irauruku Iraurusu Irauyako Irauyasu Iruakata Iruakutu Iruanaku Iruanasa
Iruanuko Iruarasa Iruarasu Iruarato Iruukusa Iruunasa Iruunuko Iruuraka Iruurasu Iruurata
Iruurato Iruuruku Iruuruta Iruuyaku Itaakaso Itaakuta Itaanuko Itaanusa Itaanuso Itaanusu
Itaanutu Itaarata Itaarusa Itaayaka Itaayasu Itaayuta Itaayuto Itaukuka Itaukuta Itauraka
Itauraso Itauruto Ituakako Ituakatu Ituanuku Ituarako Ituarasu Ituarusa Ituayato Ituukuku
Ituurasa Ituuraso Ituurasu Ituuruto Ituuyaso Ituuyasu Ituuyuku Okaakaso Okaakata Okaakuku
Okaakuta Okaakuto Okaanaku Okaanuka Okaanuko Okaanusa Okaayaka Okaayuku Okaukaka Okaukaku
Okaukato Okaukatu Okaukuta Okaunaso Okaunuka Okaunuta Okauraku Okaurato Okauruku Okaurutu
Okauyata Okauyatu Okauyuso Okuakasa Okuakata Okuanaso Okuanatu Okuanuto Okuaruso Okuayaka
Okuayato Okuukasu Okuukuka Okuukusa Okuunasa Okuuratu Okuuruka Okuuruko Okuuruso Okuurusu
Okuuyaku Okuuyasu Okuuyato Okuuyusu Okuuyuta Oqaanuso Oqaanuto Oqaarusa Oqaaruso Oqaukaka
Oqaukako Oqaukuka Oqaukuko Oqaukusa Oqaunuta Oqaurako Oqauruku Oqauruso Oqauruta Oqauyuso
Oqauyuta Oquakaku Oquakata Oquakuta Oquanako Oquanaso Oquanata Oquanato Oquanatu Oquanuso
Oquanutu Oquarusu Oquayato Oquayuku Oquayuto Oquukasu Oquukato Oquunuso Oquurako Oquuraku
Oquurasu Oquurusa Oquurusu Oquuyasa Oquuyatu Oraakasa Oraakatu Oraakuto Oraanako Oraanuka
Oraanuto Oraaraku Oraarasu Oraaratu Oraayaka Oraayasu Oraayutu Oraukaso Oraukato Oraunaku
Oraunasa Oraunaso Orauraso Oraurato Orauyusa Oruakaku Oruanako Oruanusu Oruanuto Oruaratu
Oruarusu Oruaruta Oruayuta Oruayutu Oruukako Oruukuka Oruukuko Oruukuto Oruunako Oruunatu
Oruunuta Oruuruko Oruuruku Oruuyaka Oruuyuku Otaakasa Otaakaso Otaakatu Otaakuko Otaakuso
Otaakuta Otaanaka Otaanasa Otaanatu Otaarasu Otaarusa Otaayata Otaayuka Otaayuko Otaayuku
Otaayutu Otaukata Otaukatu Otaukuku Otaukusa Otaunaka Otaunuka Otauraka Otaurako Otauraku
Otaurasa Otaurato Otauratu Otauruta Otauyato Otauyatu Otauyuta Otuakaka Otuakusa Otuakuso
Otuakuto Otuanaku Otuanasa Otuanata Otuaratu Otuayusa Otuukako Otuunata Otuunuto Otuunutu
Otuurutu Otuuyaku Otuuyatu Ukaakata Ukaakuku Ukaanako Ukaanuko Ukaanusa Ukaaraso Ukaaruko
Ukaayuko Ukaukato Ukaukatu Ukaukuka Ukaunatu Ukauraka Ukauratu Ukauruku Ukauruto Ukauyaku
Ukauyata Ukauyuko Ukauyuso Ukuakaka Ukuakasa Ukuakaso Ukuanasu Ukuanata Ukuanuko Ukuanuta
Ukuarato Ukuaruku Ukuayasu Ukuayuka Ukuayuso Ukuayutu Ukuunaka Ukuunutu Ukuurusa Ukuuyusu
Uqaanasu Uqaanuka Uqaarasa Uqaarasu Uqaarata Uqaayaso Uqaayuku Uqaayusa Uqaayusu Uqaukaka
Uqaukako Uqaukusu Uqaunusa Uqauruka Uqauyata Uquakasu Uquakata Uquakuko Uquanaka Uquanusa
Uquaruku Uquarusu Uquaruta Uquayaso Uquayutu Uquukuku Uquukusa Uquukuso Uquukuta Uquunako
Uquunasu Uquunuso Uquunuto Uquuraka Uquurata Uquuruso Uquurusu Uquuyasu Uraakako Uraanuto
Uraanutu Uraarasa Uraarata Uraarusu Uraayasa Uraukata Uraukuto Urauruku Urauyuka Urauyuko
Urauyuso Urauyuto Uruakusa Uruanaku Uruanaso Uruanuku Uruanuso Uruanutu Uruaruka Uruayasa
Uruayuko Uruayutu Uruukuku Uruukuta Uruunuko Uruurusu Uruuyata Uruuyusa Utaakaka Utaakaso
Utaakuta Utaanaka Utaanata Utaanuku Utaanuta Utaayaka Utaayuko Utaayutu Utaukaku Utaukaso
Utaukatu Utaukuko Utaunata Utauraka Utaurutu Utauyaso Utauyuta Utauyutu Utuakuka Utuakuko
Utuanasa Utuanasu Utuanusu Utuayaku Utuayasa Utuayuka Utuukata Utuunaku Utuunusa Utuurasa
Utuurato Utuuratu Utuurusa Utuuyasu Utuuyuka


Azurigu patronyms
Son Daughter

Azurigu names[edit]

List of Azurigu names (854)
Male Azurigu names (451)
Keakek Keakik Keakok Kealeik Kealik Kealuik Keatiek Keatiuk Keokeuk Keokiuk
Keokook Keokuk Keolouk Keoluek Keoluok Keotek Keoteok Keotoek Keotok Keotuuk
Keukoik Keukouk Keuleek Keuluk Keutiek Kiakeek Kiakik Kiakuk Kiakuuk Kialoik
Kiokek Kiokok Kiolik Kiotuk Kiukeuk Kiukik Kiukuik Kiuluk Kiutoek Kiutok
Kiutouk Koakek Koakiuk Koakuuk Koalik Koaluk Koatek Koatik Koatok Koatook
Kookeik Kookiuk Kookok Kooleuk Koolok Kooluk Kooteek Kootiok Kootouk Koukik
Koukok Koulek Koulik Koulok Kouluk Koutik Koutuuk Kuakeek Kuakek Kualek
Kualik Kualoik Kuatik Kuokek Kuokuk Kuolok Kuotek Kuoteok Kuukeik Kuukiik
Kuukik Kuukiuk Kuukok Kuukuik Kuulok Kuulouk Kuutek Kuutuk Meakek Meakik
Meakuuk Mealeik Mealik Mealiok Mealook Meatuk Meatuuk Meokek Meokiik Meokiuk
Meokok Meokuk Meolek Meoliuk Meolouk Meotoik Meukeok Meukuk Meulek Meulik
Meuloek Meutek Meutik Meutoek Meutok Meutuk Meutuok Miakeik Miakuek Mialeuk
Miateik Miateok Miokuk Mioleik Mioliek Mioloik Mioluik Miotek Miukiok Miukiuk
Miukok Miukuk Miukuuk Miuleuk Miuliik Miulok Miuluk Miuteuk Miutiik Miutuik
Moakiik Moakik Moakuek Moakuuk Moalik Moalook Moatik Mookiek Mooluik Mooteok
Mootik Mootoek Moukiuk Mouleek Moulik Mouluk Moutik Moutuuk Muakeok Muakik
Muakiuk Muakuk Mualiik Mualik Mualoik Mualok Mualuok Muatiuk Muatuek Muatuk
Muokek Muokik Muokuik Muokuk Muolek Muoleuk Muolik Muotik Muotuk Muotuuk
Muukiik Muukok Muukook Muuliuk Muutek Muutik Muutuik Muutuk Muutuok Qeakek
Qeakik Qeakok Qeakuk Qealeik Qeatok Qeatouk Qeokeuk Qeokiik Qeoluk Qeotiik
Qeotok Qeukuek Qeukuik Qeulek Qeuliek Qeulook Qeuluk Qeuteik Qeutok Qeutuk
Qiakeik Qiakoek Qiakuik Qiakuk Qialiek Qialik Qialuek Qiateuk Qioliek Qiolok
Qioluek Qioluk Qioluuk Qiotuek Qiukeik Qiukik Qiukoek Qiuleuk Qiuliik Qiulik
Qiutek Qiuteok Qiutiek Qoakek Qoakoek Qoakoik Qoakuok Qoalek Qoalik Qoaloik
Qoaluek Qoatik Qookoek Qookok Qoolek Qooloik Qootok Qootouk Qoukek Qoukok
Qouleuk Qouloek Qoutek Qouteuk Qoutok Qoutuuk Quakeuk Quakok Quakuek Qualuk
Quatek Quatok Quatook Quatuk Quokok Quoleuk Quolik Quoteok Quoteuk Quotok
Quotouk Quukik Quukoek Quukook Quuteek Quutouk Tealiik Teatoik Teatuok Teokiok
Teokouk Teokuk Teoleik Teoluk Teoteek Teotuik Teukek Teukok Teukuk Teuleok
Teulok Teutoek Teutok Teutuk Tialek Tialeuk Tialuik Tialuuk Tiatek Tiatook
Tiokiek Tiokik Tiokuek Tiokuok Tiolek Tioluik Tioteik Tioteok Tiotiek Tiotik
Tiotoek Tiukek Tiukok Tiukuk Tiulik Tiulok Tiutik Toakeek Toakiik Toakik
Toakiuk Toaliok Toaluk Toaluok Toatiuk Toatok Toatuk Tookeuk Tookiek Tookik
Tookuuk Toolik Tooluk Tootik Tootok Tootook Tootuik Toukek Toukuok Toulek
Toulook Toutook Tuakek Tuakiek Tuakik Tuakiok Tuakiuk Tuakouk Tualeik Tuateok
Tuoloik Tuolok Tuoluik Tuoluok Tuotek Tuotiik Tuotuk Tuukek Tuukok Tuulek
Tuuleok Tuulouk Tuuluk Ueakeuk Ueatek Ueatiek Ueatiik Ueatoik Ueatuk Ueokeek
Ueokek Ueokuek Ueolek Ueoleuk Ueoliek Ueotiek Ueotuik Ueukik Ueukiok Ueukuuk
Ueuleok Ueulik Ueuluik Ueutek Ueutik Ueutok Uiakek Uialiok Uialouk Uialuik
Uiateek Uiateok Uiatiik Uiatik Uiatuk Uiatuok Uiatuuk Uiokek Uiokiek Uiolek
Uioluk Uiotik Uiotuek Uiotuik Uiukik Uiuleek Uiulouk Uiutik Uiutuk Uiutuuk
Uoakeek Uoakok Uoakuuk Uoalek Uoaliik Uoaliuk Uoatek Uoatok Uoatouk Uookik
Uookok Uookuk Uoolok Uooluk Uooluok Uootiek Uootuok Uoukek Uoukiek Uoukok
Uoukouk Uoukuk Uoulek Uouloik Uoulok Uoulook Uoutook Uuakek Uuakok Uualeik
Uualoik Uualuk Uuateik Uuatoik Uuatuk Uuokeuk Uuokik Uuokoek Uuoliik Uuoteik
Female Azurigu names (403)
Daaakat Daaikot Daailut Daaqat Daaqut Daaulat Daauqut Daikat Daikut Daiqot
Daoalut Daoaqot Dauakot Daualot Dauaqot Dauiqot Dauiqut Daukot Daulat Daulot
Dauqat Dauqot Doaalut Doaaqat Doaaqot Doailat Doailot Doalot Doalut Doaqat
Doaqut Doikot Doikut Doilat Doilot Doiqut Dooalat Dooilat Dooiqot Dooukot
Dooulat Doouqat Doouqot Doualut Douaqat Douikut Douilot Douiqot Doukat Doukot
Doukut Doulat Douukat Douukut Duaaqot Duaikot Duailot Dualat Dualot Duaqat
Duaqut Duaukot Duauqut Duilat Duiqat Duiqot Duiqut Duoalot Duoaqot Duoaqut
Duoilat Duoiqat Duoukot Duoukut Duoulot Duouqut Duuakut Duuaqat Duuikat Duuikut
Duuilat Duukat Duukot Duulat Duulot Duuqat Duuqot Naaakut Naaaqat Naakut
Naalat Naalut Naaqot Nailot Nailut Naiqat Naiqot Naiqut Naoaqot Naoulat
Naoulut Naouqut Nauakot Naualut Nauaqut Nauikot Naukat Naukot Naukut Naulat
Naulot Naulut Nauqat Nauqut Nauulot Nauulut Nauuqat Noaalot Noakat Noakot
Noalot Noalut Noaulot Noikut Noilat Noilot Noilut Noiqat Noiqot Nooikot
Nooiqat Nooiqot Nooukut Nooulut Noouqot Nouakut Nouaqot Nouikut Nouilut Noukat
Noukot Noukut Noulot Noulut Nouuqot Nouuqut Nuaakat Nuaaqot Nuaiqat Nuakut
Nualat Nualut Nuaqot Nuaqut Nuaulat Nuaulot Nuaulut Nuikot Nuilat Nuiqot
Nuoaqat Nuoaqut Nuoikat Nuoiqot Nuoiqut Nuouqat Nuuakut Nuualat Nuuaqut Nuuikot
Nuuilot Nuuiqut Nuukat Nuukut Nuulat Nuuqat Nuuqot Qaailot Qaaukat Qaaulot
Qaikot Qailat Qailot Qaiqot Qaiqut Qaoalat Qaoalut Qaoulut Qauakat Qauaqut
Qauilot Qauilut Qauiqut Qaukat Qaukut Qaulat Qauqat Qauqut Qauukat Qauulat
Qauulot Qauuqut Qoailat Qoaiqot Qoalat Qoalut Qoaqat Qoaqut Qoikut Qoilot
Qooalot Qooaqot Qooikat Qooukot Qooulut Qoouqat Qoualut Qouikut Qoukut Qoulat
Qouqut Qouuqut Quaakot Quaakut Quaalot Quaaqot Quakot Qualot Qualut Quaqat
Quaukut Quaulat Quaulut Quikut Quoalot Quoaqat Quoikut Quoilot Quoulat Quoulot
Quuakot Quuikat Quuikut Quuiqot Quukat Quukot Quulat Quuqat Quuqot Quuukot
Taaaqat Taaiqot Taaiqut Taakat Taakot Taalat Taaqat Taaqut Taaukut Taaulut
Taauqot Taikat Tailat Tailot Taiqut Taoakot Taoiqat Taoiqot Taoukat Tauilot
Tauiqut Taukat Taulat Taulot Tauqot Tauukut Tauulot Tauuqot Toaakat Toaakot
Toailat Toaiqat Toaiqot Toakat Toakut Toalut Toaqat Toaqot Toikot Toiqat
Toiqut Tooaqut Touakat Touakot Toualut Touaqot Touilat Toulat Touqot Touukot
Touuqot Tuaakut Tuaalot Tuailat Tuakot Tualot Tuaqot Tuaqut Tuaulot Tuaulut
Tuauqot Tuauqut Tuikut Tuilot Tuilut Tuiqat Tuoakat Tuoikat Tuoukot Tuoulot
Tuuaqot Tuuikat Tuuilot Tuukat Tuulut Tuuqat Tuuqot Tuuqut Waaakat Waaalut
Waaaqot Waaikot Waalot Waaqut Waaulut Waauqat Wailat Wailot Waiqat Waiqot
Waiqut Waoakut Waoaqut Waoukot Waoulat Wauikut Wauilat Wauilut Waukat Waukot
Waulat Waulot Wauqot Wauukat Wauuqat Wauuqot Wauuqut Woaakut Woaalat Woaikat
Woailot Woakat Woakot Woakut Woalat Woaqat Woaqut Woaukot Woauqat Woikat
Woilat Woiqat Woiqut Wooakat Wooaqat Wooiqat Woouqat Woouqot Wouakat Wouiqat
Wouiqot Woukat Woukot Woukut Woulot Wouqat Wuaiqat Wualat Wualut Wuaqot
Wuaulot Wuikot Wuikut Wuilot Wuilut Wuiqot Wuoaqot Wuualot Wuuilot Wuulat
Wuulot Wuuqot Wuuqut


Azurigu surnames (1,424)
Daakaslaok Daakaslauk Daakawlauk Daakawluok Daakoslaok Daakoslauk Daakosluuk Daakuwluak Daaqawlauk Daaqawluuk
Daaqowluok Daaqusluak Daaquwlauk Daataslaok Daatawlaak Daatawlouk Daatawluok Daatosluok Daatowlauk Daatowloak
Daatuslook Daatuwloak Daatuwluok Daekasluok Daekowlouk Daekowluok Daekuslouk Daequsloak Daetasluak Daetawluak
Daetusluak Daetusluuk Daokawlauk Daokoslaok Daokowlouk Daokowluuk Daokusloak Daokusluok Daokuwloak Daokuwlook
Daoqasluuk Daoquslauk Daoquwluak Daotasluok Daotawlaak Daotoslouk Daotosluuk Daotowlaok Daotowluok Daukaslaok
Daukaslauk Daukasloak Daukasluak Daukowlaak Daukowluok Dauqasluok Dauqawlaak Dauqusloak Dauquslook Dauquwluuk
Dautawlaak Dautoslaok Dautuwlook Deakaslouk Deakasluuk Deakawlook Deakawluok Deakoslaok Deakuslaak Deakuwlook
Deaqaslauk Deaqawluak Deaqosluak Deaqowlaak Deatasluuk Deatawlouk Deatowlook Deatuslook Deekaslaok Deekoslaak
Deekowlaok Deekuwlouk Deeqaslook Deeqoslook Deeqowlaok Deeqowloak Deeqowlook Deequslaak Deequslauk Deetawlaok
Deetawloak Deetoslouk Deetosluak Deetosluok Deetuslaok Deetuwluak Deokaslaok Deokawlaak Deokawlook Deokoslauk
Deokosluak Deokosluok Deokuslook Deokusluak Deoqosloak Deoqowlaok Deoquslouk Deoquwloak Deoquwlouk Deotawlouk
Deukaslauk Deukaslook Deukawlauk Deukawloak Deukosluak Deukowlaak Deukuslouk Deuqawlauk Deuqawlook Deuqowlaak
Deuqowlauk Deuquslouk Deuquwloak Deuquwlook Deuquwluak Deuquwluok Deutaslouk Deutawlauk Deutoslauk Deutowluok
Deutuwlouk Doakaslaak Doakaslaok Doakaslauk Doakawlaak Doakawluuk Doakosloak Doakuslook Doaqawlaak Doaquslaak
Doatawlook Doatosluuk Doekaslaak Doekoslauk Doekowlauk Doekowluok Doekowluuk Doekusloak Doeqaslaok Doeqaslouk
Doeqasluuk Doeqowlaak Doequslouk Doequwlaok Doequwluok Doequwluuk Doetaslook Doetasluuk Doetoslaak Doetosloak
Dookoslaak Dookoslook Dookowluok Dookuslaak Dookuslaok Dooqaslaok Dooqowlook Dootaslaok Dootawlaak Dootawlauk
Dootawlouk Dootoslouk Dootowloak Dootuwlook Doukaslauk Doukusloak Doukusluuk Doukuwlaok Douqowluok Douquslook
Douqusluok Douquwlaok Doutawloak Doutuslook Doutusluok Duakaslauk Duakoslouk Duakowlouk Duakusloak Duakuwlaak
Duakuwluuk Duaqawluok Duaqosloak Duaquwlook Duataslaok Duatosluok Duekoslook Duekosluak Duekuwlaak Duekuwloak
Dueqawluuk Dueqoslaak Dueqoslaok Dueqowlaok Duequwluuk Duetasluok Duetosloak Duetuslouk Duetuwluak Duokaslaok
Duokawlauk Duokosluak Duokuslaok Duoqaslauk Duoqawlaak Duoqawlouk Duoqosluak Duoqusluok Duotaslaok Duotaslauk
Duotasluak Duotasluuk Duotawluok Duotosluok Duotuslaok Duotuwloak Duukoslouk Duukusloak Duuqaslauk Duuqasluuk
Duuqawlook Duuqawlouk Duuqosluak Duuqowlouk Duutasluuk Duutawloak Duutuslaok Duutusluuk Duutuwlook Kaakaslauk
Kaakowlaok Kaakusloak Kaakusluok Kaakusluuk Kaaqoslauk Kaaqowlaak Kaaquwlouk Kaataslook Kaatasluak Kaatasluok
Kaatasluuk Kaatoslook Kaatoslouk Kaatowlaak Kaatuslauk Kaatuwluak Kaatuwluuk Kaekaslauk Kaekasluak Kaekawlaak
Kaekawluak Kaekawluuk Kaekosluok Kaekowlaok Kaekowluuk Kaeqasloak Kaeqawluak Kaeqosluuk Kaeqowluak Kaequslauk
Kaequslouk Kaequwluok Kaetawlauk Kaetawluak Kaetosloak Kaetowlaok Kaetuslaok Kaetusluok Kaokawlauk Kaokawloak
Kaokoslaak Kaokowlaak Kaokowlaok Kaoqawlaak Kaoqawlook Kaoqoslouk Kaoqusloak Kaoquslook Kaoquwlauk Kaotaslook
Kaotasluok Kaotawluak Kaotowlaok Kaotusluok Kaotusluuk Kaotuwluok Kaukaslauk Kaukaslook Kaukowlaak Kaukowlouk
Kaukuslaak Kaukuwlook Kauqaslook Kauqawlaak Kauqawlauk Kauqawluuk Kauqoslaok Kauqowlaok Kauqowlouk Kauqowluuk
Kautaslaok Kautaslauk Kautoslaak Kautoslook Kautuslouk Keakoslaak Keakosloak Keakowloak Keakowluok Keakusloak
Keakusluak Keakusluuk Keaqaslouk Keaqawluok Keaqawluuk Keatasluok Keatawlauk Keatoslaak Keatowlook Keatowlouk
Keatowluok Keatowluuk Keatuslaok Keatuwluok Keekawlook Keekusluuk Keeqaslook Keeqawlauk Keeqosluak Keequwlauk
Keequwloak Keequwluak Keetaslouk Keetoslouk Keetosluak Keetuslaak Keetusluok Keokaslaok Keokosluuk Keokowlauk
Keokowloak Keokuslauk Keokuslook Keokusluok Keoqaslaok Keoqasluuk Keoqawlouk Keoqowlook Keoqowluak Keotawlaok
Keotawluok Keotoslook Keotuslaok Keukawlauk Keukawloak Keukawlouk Keukawluak Keukowloak Keukowluak Keukowluuk
Keukuwluuk Keuqasloak Keuqawlook Keuqawluok Keuqawluuk Keuqoslauk Keuqosloak Keuqoslook Keuqowluuk Keuquwlook
Keuquwlouk Keutasloak Keutoslaak Keutowlauk Keutusluak Koakaslauk Koakaslouk Koakoslaok Koakowluuk Koakuslaok
Koakuwluuk Koaqaslaok Koaqaslook Koaqosluok Koaqowloak Koatawlaak Koatoslauk Koatoslouk Koatosluok Koatowlouk
Koatuslook Koatuwlaok Koatuwlook Koatuwluak Koatuwluok Koekaslouk Koekasluuk Koekawlouk Koekoslaak Koekosluak
Koekowlook Koekuslauk Koekuwlaak Koeqaslouk Koeqawlauk Koeqawluuk Koeqoslaok Koeqowlook Koequslouk Koequwlook
Koetawluok Koetoslaak Koetuslook Koetusluuk Koetuwloak Kookaslaak Kookoslaok Kookowluak Kootawlaok Kootosluak
Kootowlaak Kootowluok Kootuwlouk Kootuwluuk Koukusluok Koukuwluok Kouqasluak Kouqoslouk Kouqowlaak Kouqusluak
Kouquwlaak Kouquwlauk Kouquwloak Koutaslauk Koutosluok Koutuslaak Koutusluak Koutuwluok Kuakawluak Kuakoslook
Kuakowluok Kuakuwlauk Kuaqasluuk Kuaqowluak Kuaqusloak Kuataslauk Kuatasluuk Kuatowlook Kuatusluak Kuatuwlook
Kuekasluuk Kuekawluuk Kuekowlaok Kuekuslauk Kuekuwlaak Kueqawluak Kueqoslauk Kueqowluak Kuetaslauk Kuetawlauk
Kuetawloak Kuetosluak Kuetowlaok Kuetowlauk Kuetuwlook Kuokaslauk Kuokawlaak Kuokawlauk Kuokawloak Kuokowlaok
Kuokowluok Kuokusloak Kuokuwlaok Kuukaslouk Kuukosluak Kuukowlaok Kuukowlauk Kuukowluuk Kuukuslauk Kuuqasluuk
Kuuqawlouk Kuuqawluok Kuuqawluuk Kuuqosluak Kuuqowluuk Kuutaslauk Kuutoslaak Kuutowlauk Kuutowlouk Kuutuslaok
Kuutusluok Paakaslaak Paakaslook Paakawluuk Paakowlaok Paakusluak Paaqawloak Paaqawluak Paaqoslaok Paaqowluak
Paaqusluak Paaquwlauk Paatasluuk Paatawlaok Paatoslouk Paatowlaak Paatuslook Paekawlauk Paekoslouk Paekuslaok
Paekusloak Paeqoslauk Paeqoslouk Paequwlaak Paequwlauk Paetasluak Paetasluuk Paetawlauk Paetawluok Paetoslaak
Paetowlook Paetuslauk Paetuwlaok Paetuwluak Paokaslauk Paokawlouk Paokoslaak Paokuslaak Paokusluok Paokusluuk
Paokuwlouk Paokuwluak Paoqawlaak Paoqowlouk Paoquwlaak Paotawlaak Paotoslouk Paotosluok Paotowluok Paotusloak
Paotuwlaok Paotuwlauk Paukawlook Paukawluak Paukoslaak Paukowloak Pauqasluok Pauqawlauk Pauqawluak Pauqoslaok
Pauqosluok Pauqowlaok Pauqowlouk Pauqowluak Pauquslouk Pauqusluok Pauquwlouk Pautasluak Pautawlaok Pautawlook
Pautawluuk Pautoslaak Pautoslaok Pautuwluuk Peakowlaak Peakuslauk Peaqosloak Peaqosluok Peaqowlaok Peaqowlook
Peaquslauk Peaquwluok Peataslook Peatawlauk Peatawlook Peatawluok Peatoslauk Peatosloak Peatuwlauk Peekoslouk
Peekowlauk Peekuslaak Peekuwluuk Peeqawlaok Peeqawloak Peeqoslauk Peeqosloak Peeqosluak Peeqowluuk Peequslaok
Peequwlaak Peequwloak Peetasloak Peetosluuk Peetowluak Peetuwlaok Peetuwlauk Peetuwloak Peokawloak Peokoslouk
Peokosluok Peokowlaok Peokuwlaak Peokuwlook Peoqawlook Peoqosluak Peoqowluuk Peoqusluak Peotaslaok Peotowlaak
Peotowluak Peotuwloak Peukaslaak Peukasluuk Peukawlaak Peukawloak Peukawlook Peukawluuk Peukoslouk Peukusluok
Peuqowlauk Peuqowloak Peuquwlaok Peutawloak Peutawlouk Peutoslook Peutuwluak Peutuwluuk Poakaslaok Poakasluuk
Poakowluok Poakusluok Poakusluuk Poaqaslaok Poaqasloak Poaqawlaok Poaqawlook Poaqoslaak Poaqoslook Poaqosluok
Poaqowluuk Poaqusloak Poaqusluuk Poaquwlaok Poaquwluok Poatawlaak Poatoslook Poatuslauk Poatuwlaak Poatuwlook
Poekosluak Poekowloak Poekowluak Poekuwlook Poeqawlouk Poeqoslouk Poeqosluok Poeqowlauk Poequslaak Poequslaok
Poequwlauk Poequwluuk Poetawlook Poetoslouk Poetowlauk Poetowluak Poetowluuk Poetuslauk Pookasluak Pookawlaak
Pookawlaok Pookoslaok Pookosluok Pookowloak Pookuslouk Pookusluuk Pooqosluuk Pooqowlaak Pooqowloak Pooquslaak
Pooquwlook Pootawluuk Pootoslaak Pootowlauk Poukaslouk Poukasluuk Poukowlaak Pouqawlaok Pouqawlauk Pouqoslouk
Pouqosluok Pouqosluuk Pouqowlook Pouqowluak Pouquslook Pouqusluak Pouquwlouk Pouquwluak Poutawlook Poutawluak
Poutawluok Poutoslauk Poutosluuk Poutuwluok Puakawloak Puakosluak Puakowlook Puakuslaok Puakuslauk Puaqawlaok
Puaqawlauk Puaqawluuk Puaqoslouk Puaqowluak Puaqowluuk Puaquwluuk Puataslaak Puataslauk Puatoslaok Puatuslaak
Puatusluok Puatuwlaok Puatuwluuk Puekoslaak Puekuslook Pueqoslauk Pueqowlouk Pueqowluuk Puequslauk Puetaslaok
Puetasloak Puetoslaok Puetosluuk Puetowlaak Puetusluuk Puokaslaak Puokawlouk Puokosluok Puokowlaak Puokusluuk
Puokuwluuk Puoqusloak Puoquwluak Puotasloak Puotosluok Puotowluak Puotuslaak Puotuwloak Puukaslouk Puukasluak
Puukoslauk Puukosluak Puuqawluak Puuqoslaak Puuqosluok Puuquwloak Puutawlaok Puutawlook Puutosloak Puutowluak
Puutuslauk Qaakasluak Qaakawloak Qaakawlouk Qaakosluuk Qaakowluok Qaakuslauk Qaakuwloak Qaakuwluok Qaaqasloak
Qaaqasluok Qaaqawluak Qaaqosluuk Qaaqowluak Qaaqowluuk Qaatasluok Qaatawlaak Qaatawlaok Qaatawluak Qaatowloak
Qaatuslouk Qaatuwloak Qaekaslook Qaekoslauk Qaekosloak Qaekowlaak Qaekuslauk Qaekuwlauk Qaeqaslauk Qaeqoslook
Qaeqowlook Qaeqowluak Qaetaslaok Qaetawloak Qaetosluok Qaetowlook Qaetusluak Qaetuwluuk Qaokaslaok Qaokaslook
Qaokawluuk Qaokoslaok Qaoqaslouk Qaoqawlook Qaoquslauk Qaoquslook Qaotaslaak Qaotaslook Qaotowloak Qaukowlaok
Qaukuwlouk Qauqawloak Qauqosloak Qauqoslook Qauqosluok Qauquslaak Qauquslauk Qautoslaak Qautoslaok Qautoslouk
Qautosluok Qeakasloak Qeakasluok Qeakawlauk Qeakawlook Qeakawlouk Qeakawluok Qeakosloak Qeakowlook Qeakuslaak
Qeakusluak Qeaqoslauk Qeaqosluuk Qeaqowlouk Qeaqusluuk Qeatawluak Qeatoslook Qeatowlauk Qeatusloak Qeekosloak
Qeekoslook Qeekoslouk Qeekuwlaok Qeekuwluuk Qeeqawluak Qeeqowloak Qeetasluuk Qeetowloak Qeetuwlauk Qeokaslauk
Qeokasluak Qeokawluuk Qeokoslauk Qeokosluuk Qeokowlouk Qeoqaslouk Qeoqasluok Qeoqawlaak Qeoqawluak Qeoqowlaak
Qeoqowlaok Qeoqusluok Qeotasloak Qeotawlook Qeotoslook Qeotosluak Qeotowluuk Qeotusloak Qeotusluok Qeukawluak
Qeukoslook Qeukuslaak Qeukusluuk Qeuqaslook Qeuqasluuk Qeuqosloak Qeuqowlauk Qeuqowluok Qeuquslaok Qeuqusluuk
Qeutasloak Qeutawlaak Qeutowlouk Qeutowluuk Qeutuslook Qoakawluok Qoakoslouk Qoakosluok Qoakowlaak Qoakowloak
Qoakowluok Qoakuwluuk Qoaqaslauk Qoaqosloak Qoaquslaok Qoaquslauk Qoaqusluok Qoaquwlaok Qoaquwlauk Qoatuwlaok
Qoekaslaak Qoekaslauk Qoekawloak Qoekoslouk Qoekuslaok Qoekuwluok Qoeqaslaok Qoeqaslauk Qoeqawlaak Qoeqosloak
Qoeqowlauk Qoeqowlook Qoeqowluuk Qoetoslaok Qoetoslook Qoetowlaok Qoetowluok Qoetuslauk Qoetusluok Qoetuwluuk
Qookasluuk Qookawlauk Qookawloak Qookawlouk Qookoslook Qookowlaok Qookowlouk Qookuslaak Qookusluak Qookusluok
Qooqaslook Qooqawlook Qooqowlaok Qooqowluok Qooquslouk Qootaslaak Qootaslauk Qootasluok Qootowluuk Qootuwlaok
Qootuwlauk Qootuwlook Qoukosluuk Qoukowlauk Qoukowlook Qoukuslouk Qoukuwlauk Qoukuwloak Qoukuwluuk Qouqaslaok
Qouqawluok Qouqosluok Qouqowlook Qouquslaok Qouquwlook Qouquwlouk Qouquwluak Qoutasluak Qoutoslauk Qoutoslouk
Qoutuslouk Qoutusluok Qoutuwlauk Quakoslauk Quakoslook Quakoslouk Quakusluak Quaqawlouk Quaqosluuk Quaqowlauk
Quaqusloak Quaquwlauk Quataslouk Quatawloak Quatuslook Quekaslaok Quekasluok Quekosluak Quekusluuk Quekuwluok
Queqaslook Queqasluuk Queqawlaak Queqawlaok Queqawluak Queqosluak Queqowloak Queqowlouk Quequslaak Quequslouk
Quetawlaak Quetowlauk Quetowlouk Quokawlouk Quokawluak Quokosluuk Quokowlaak Quokowlook Quokowlouk Quokuslaak
Quoqaslook Quoqasluak Quoqawlaak Quoqawlauk Quoqoslook Quoqoslouk Quoqowlouk Quoqowluok Quoquslaak Quoqusluok
Quoquwlaok Quotawlaok Quotuwluak Quukasloak Quukawlaak Quukowlauk Quukuslook Quukuwluuk Quuqoslaak Quuqoslaok
Quuqoslook Quuqowlouk Quuqusluak Quutosloak Quutowloak Quutowluak Quutusluuk Saakawlaak Saakoslouk Saakuslouk
Saaqaslouk Saatoslook Saatuwlook Saekosluuk Saeqoslaok Saequsluak Saetusloak Saetusluok Saokaslaak Saokasloak
Saokowloak Saokowluak Saoqawluuk Saoqoslauk Saoqosluak Saoqowlaak Saoquwlouk Saotawlaak Saotoslaok Saotosloak
Saotuslouk Saotuwluok Saukaslaak Saukusluok Saukuwloak Sauqawlauk Sauqoslaak Sauqoslauk Sautaslauk Sautasluak
Sautowlauk Sautowloak Seakasluok Seakawlauk Seakawluuk Seaqoslook Seaqoslouk Seaqowlook Seatoslouk Seatusluuk
Seatuwlaok Seekuwlook Seetosluuk Seetuwlaak Seokaslaak Seokaslouk Seokoslaak Seokuwluuk Seoqaslook Seoqowloak
Seoqowluuk Seotawluak Seotawluuk Seotowloak Seotuslook Seotuwloak Seukaslaak Seukuwlaok Seuqawlauk Seuqoslaak
Seuqowlauk Seuquslouk Seuquwluuk Soakuwluok Soaqosluuk Soaquslouk Soataslauk Soatoslauk Soatuslauk Soatuwlaak
Soatuwluak Soekaslook Soekawlouk Soekowluak Soekowluok Soekuslaok Soeqaslaak Soeqawlaak Soequwlaak Soetawluak
Soetowluak Soetusloak Soetusluuk Soetuwlaok Soetuwlauk Sookaslouk Sookawluak Sookoslook Sookusloak Sookusluak
Sookuwlaok Sookuwlook Sooqawlaok Sooqawlauk Sooqowluuk Sooquwlaok Sootawluok Soukaslauk Soukaslouk Soukawluuk
Soukoslook Soukoslouk Soukowlaak Soukuwlook Souqawlaak Souqoslouk Soutawloak Suakawlaok Suaqasluak Suaqowluuk
Suaquwlouk Suataslouk Suatawlook Suatoslaok Suatosloak Suatosluuk Suatowluok Suatusluuk Suekaslook Suekawlaak
Suekoslaok Suekusloak Sueqasluak Suequslouk Suetawluuk Suetuslaak Suokasluok Suokawlauk Suoqasluak Suoqawlauk
Suoqawlouk Suotosloak Suotowlook Suotowluak Suukoslauk Suukosluak Suukosluuk Suukuwluok Suuqawlouk Suuqawluak
Suuqowlook Suuqowluak Suutawlaak Suutawluak Suutawluuk Suutosluuk Suutuwluuk Taakaslook Taakawluuk Taakoslaak
Taakowlaok Taaqawlouk Taaqoslaok Taaqosluuk Taaqowlaak Taaqusluok Taatawloak Taatosluuk Taatowluok Taekaslouk
Taekasluuk Taekoslaok Taekosluuk Taekowlaok Taekuwlaok Taeqawlaak Taeqawluak Taeqowluok Taequslaok Taetaslaak
Taetoslaak Taetoslaok Taetoslook Taetuslook Taetuwlauk Taokasloak Taokawluuk Taokoslook Taokoslouk Taokowlauk
Taokowluak Taokowluok Taokowluuk Taokusluak Taokuwlauk Taoqawlaok Taoqowloak Taoqusluak Taotoslaak Taukaslaok
Taukaslauk Taukasloak Taukoslook Taukowlook Taukuslaok Taukusluak Taukuwluok Tauqaslook Tauqowloak Tauqowluok
Tautawluuk Tautowloak Tautusluuk Tautuwlaok Tautuwluak Teakaslaak Teakasluuk Teakawluuk Teakoslouk Teakosluak
Teakusluuk Teakuwlauk Teaqaslouk Teaqowluuk Teaquslaak Teaqusluuk Teaquwluok Teataslaok Teatasluuk Teatawloak
Teatoslouk Teatowlook Teekawlook Teekosloak Teekosluuk Teekuslaok Teekuwlaok Teekuwluak Teeqaslook Teeqawluok
Teeqoslouk Teeqosluuk Teeqowlaak Teequwluok Teetawloak Teetoslaok Teetosluak Teetowlouk Teetusluuk Teokowlaok
Teokowloak Teokowluok Teokowluuk Teokuslaok Teokusluak Teokuwlouk Teoqaslook Teoqowlaok Teoqusluok Teoqusluuk
Teoquwloak Teotaslaok Teotasloak Teotowlauk Teotuslauk Teukawluak Teukoslaak Teukosluuk Teukowlouk Teukuslook
Teukusluuk Teukuwlauk Teukuwluak Teuqaslauk Teuqawlaak Teuqawluuk Teuqoslaak Teuqoslaok Teuqosluak Teuqowlauk
Teuquwlauk Teutawlaak Teutawlauk Teutoslaak Teutoslouk Teutuwlaok Toakaslaak Toakasluuk Toakosluak Toakowlaak
Toakowluok Toakusluak Toakuwlouk Toaqawlaok Toaqawlook Toaqoslaak Toaquwlaak Toaquwluak Toatasluok Toatawlouk
Toatusluak Toatusluok Toatuwluuk Toekaslaok Toekasluak Toekosloak Toekowlaok Toekowluuk Toekuwlauk Toekuwlouk
Toekuwluuk Toeqaslaak Toeqaslaok Toeqosluuk Toeqowlaok Toeqowlauk Toeqowloak Toeqowlook Toequslouk Toetosluok
Toetowluok Tookawlook Tookowloak Tookowlook Tookuslaak Tookuslook Tooqaslouk Tooqasluok Tooqasluuk Tooqawlouk
Tooqawluuk Tooqosluok Tooqowlaok Tootasluuk Tootawloak Tootoslaok Tootowloak Tootowluuk Tootuwlaak Toukasloak
Toukawloak Toukusluok Touqawlaok Touqawluak Tuakasluok Tuakasluuk Tuakawlauk Tuakoslaak Tuakowluak Tuakusluak
Tuakuwluok Tuaqasluuk Tuaqoslook Tuaqoslouk Tuaqowlaok Tuaquwlaok Tuatawluok Tuatoslouk Tuatuwlaok Tuatuwlook
Tuekosluuk Tuekowloak Tuekuslouk Tuekuwlaak Tuekuwlook Tuequslaak Tuequsloak Tuequwlouk Tuetuslaak Tuetuslauk
Tuokowluak Tuokuslaak Tuokusluak Tuoqawlaok Tuoqawlouk Tuotaslaok Tuotasloak Tuotasluak Tuotoslaok Tuotowloak
Tuukowlouk Tuukuwluok Tuuqusluuk Tuuquwlaok Tuutaslaak Tuutasluuk Tuutawlaak Tuutoslaok Tuutowlaok Tuutowlook
Tuutowluuk Tuutuslaok Tuutusluak Tuutuwlouk




The Yilani are a bipedal, humanoid species with reptilian characteristics which dominate their physiology, generally making them indistinguishable from other humanoid races on a physical level. They received their name from the Hilam term for "aggressor", based on their introduction into the League as an invading race looking for more breeding grounds. Yilani possess two arms, two legs, a head, and a long, prehensile tail powerful enough to grip large or heavy objects with a degree finesse. They are tall, slender-build individuals divided into two traditional sexes – male and female – who stand on average between 6'3" (190.5 cm) for males, and 5'11" (180.34 cm) for females; with the males generally weighing in around 192 lbs (96.16 kg) and the females weighing about 179 lbs (81.19 kg) on average. The body of a Yilani is covered with two variants of scales; one of which is soft and leathery, covering the abdomen, chest, palms and foot soles, and the second being the harder, chitin scales which cover the arms, legs, head, and other important extremities on the body. These scales come in a wide range of colors, from the more typical deep dark greens, to the more subtle yellow colors, to the fantastic yet extremely rare whites and silvers.

The Yilani cannot grow hair due to the presence of scales on their body and the lack of soft tissue for hair follicles to grow through, consequently making the Yilani bald as a species. The face of a Yilani possesses distinctly mammalian features found in such races as the Mikaeans, Elysians, and Sikatrians, but with reptilian features that make the Yilani easily distinguishable from their fellow humanoid neighbors. Yilani eyes are predominately yellow with three different eyelids; a regular one at the top, TBD, and a translucent set at the bottom. Compared to the other species with their physical build, the Yilani are mostly muscle, having much in common with the serpents of various planets, with a powerful muscular system built around a lightweight, yet highly-reinforced skeletal system as the frame. Thus, the Yilani weight far more than other individuals of the same height and build, and are several magnitudes stronger than any individual in a one-on-one match-up.