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League of Civilized Worlds

Flag of The League
Emblem of The League
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Official languages League Basic
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Demonym(s) TBD
Government TBD
• President
Miila Nuyolau
Qeuliek Suukoslauk
Ovara Shonavajan
Laola Nilalaa
Legislature Supreme League Congress
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$0.0 trillion (Nth)
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$0 (Nth)
GDP (nominal) 0 YM estimate
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$0.0 trillion (Nth)
• Per capita
$0 (Nth)
Gini (0 YM) 0.0
low · Nth
HDI (0 YM) Increase 0.000
low · Nth
Currency TBD (N/A) (TBD)
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The League of Civilized Worlds (LCW), commonly known as the League, is an interstellar nation located in the galactic south of the Milky Way Galaxy. The League spans a region of space some fifty lightyears of space in diameter, and consists of a total of TBD systems and TBD inhabited worlds, as well as several hundred space stations and habitats. Founded more than a century and a half ago, the League was established by the Mikaeans...



The League of Civilized Worlds was founded in TBD YM following the Concordat of Solaris, which proclaimed the formation of an interstellar union of worlds belonging to the five existing member races of the organization; the Mikaeans, Sikatrians, Elysians, Azurigu, and Yilani. All had been brought into the alliance as a consequence of the Yilani Incursions two years prior to the League's formation, though the League had existed nearly a decade or more before the Concordat in TBD YM, due to the influence and hegemony of the Mikaeans. The Mikaeans were the first spacefaring race in the region that would be known as the Core Worlds of the League. Exploring the region through the efforts of the MVS Blackblossom, the Mikaeans' first faster-than-light voidship, the Mikaeans entered space some fifty years before their Elysian rivals had. This granted the race a headstart on developing an interstellar military, which it immediately put to use in forcing the other races into accepting its rule. The Sikatrians had been the first to encounter the Mikaeans, through their experience had been a positive one, with the Mikaeans saving the species from their doom homeworld, and transporting them to a planet with a stable geography and life-cycle. This prompted an alliance between the two species, and sowed the foundation of what would later between the League of Civilized Worlds.

The Mikaeans continued their process of forcibly incorporated other species and their colonies into the alliance, with their second target being the Elysians, who at the time the two races came into contact, had begun the process of colonizing on of the habitable worlds in their solar system. The Mikaeans swiftly overpowered the Elysians in space, but were bogged down in a protracted conflict known as the Elysian War, which drug on for more than thirty years, and ultimately ended in a stalemate in which the Elysians surrendered to the Mikaeans, though only on the condition that they be permitted a degree of autonomy within the union. The fourth race to join the alliance would be the Azurigu, a tribal iron-age species on an alpine world, with few organized nation-states and little understanding of astronomy outside of spiritualistic practices. The Mikaeans uplifted the species over a period of fifteen years, and ultimately introduced them into the alliance of races with much fanfare from the general public.



The League of Civilized Worlds is a interstellar federation influenced by the various democratic and libertarian values enshrined within the League's charter and constitution, which codifies the rights and protections to all member worlds, systems, and species, including the guarantee of safety and representation afforded to all League citizens wherever they may reside. It is the mission of the League and its government to promote and protect the individual rights and liberties of its citizens, facilitate cooperation between all of its constituent races, and defend all member worlds from hostile attackers be they foreign or domestic. As a nation, the League prides itself on its extensive government transparency and low levels of corruption, as well as the universal suffrage provided to members of the population. Likewise, the high rate of citizen participation in federal and local politics is a point of pride as well within the halls of government.

There are a series of checks and balances within the government of the League, with three co-equal branches of government, those being: the executive in the form of the chief executive, who also serves as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces; the legislature in the form of the Federal Assembly, with the sole authority to pass laws at the federal level; and the judiciary in the form of the Supreme Court, which has the power to interpret the constitution of the League and legality of any laws in the union. The League's citizenry are subject to a federalist system where there are three levels of government, namely federal, stellar, and local. Each world is classified as a member state within the League, and free to govern its own affairs within the union, though federal law will always represent the highest authority and surpass local politics within the member state.


The Unified League Armed Services (ULAS) is the primary military force of the League, and the largest such military institution in known space. Consisting of two billion active personnel, the ULAS was established three centuries ago as one of the core institutions of the newly-formed government, and served to help secure the national security interests of the federal government of the League. The military is divided into two combatant forces; the Unified League Terrestrial Forces and the Unified League Space Forces. Both forces are sub-divided into three and two branches respectively, and organized into various combat and auxiliary units as needed by the military.




The League is home to approximately thirteen races, with the most numerous of them consisting of the five Founder Races; the Mikaeans, Sikatrians, Elysians, Azurigu, and Yilani. They make up 70% of the total population within the League.

  • Mikaeans – The Mikaeans are one of the five founding members of the League of Civilized Worlds, and the driving force within the union of planets. The real power behind the interstellar nation's democracy, the Mikaeans were responsible for forging the state in the first place, forcing other species to join or conquering entire planets and dragging them into the League. Native to the planet of Family Pride, the Mikaeans are the most numerous species in the League, and are almost entirely female, with the males responsible for spawning the population and leading them in government. They have the most representation in the government and military, and are responsible for nearly all aspects of culture and society. The Mikaeans do not like to share power, and recently been wary of the growing influence of the Elysians and their bloc within the League, as the Elysians have not forgotten the invasion of their homeworld by the Mikaeans a century ago.
  • Sikatrians – The Sikatrians were the second race to join the League and the first to be discovered by the Mikaeans during their early spaceflight years. Hailing from the volcanic moon of Tezhin, the pre-industrial Sikatrians were discovered by the Mikaeans at a time when all life on the Sikatrian homeworld was doomed to destruction. The Mikaeans visited the moon twenty years before the event, and returned just in time to save 70% of the Sikatrian population. For this act, the Sikatrians became devoted allies of the Mikaeans, and strong defenders of their heavy-hand policies. The Sikatrians possess the same rights as Mikaeans, though they only make up a third of all seats held in Congress. In spite of this, they ally themselves with the Mikaeans at all times, and serve as a block to the rising influence of the Elysians.
  • Elysians – Arguably the most dangerous political rivals to the Mikaeans, the Elysians are regarded as near-peers to the Mikaean hegemons, technologically, demographically, and economically. Forced into the League nearly a century ago, the Elysians had recently developed spaceflight some fifty years after the Mikaeans, though they had the same level of technology. When the MVS Blackblossom reported on the advanced civilization back on Family Pride, the Mikaeans wasted no time preparing an invasion of Elysia, resulted in a 15-year long conflict which only came to an end following an armistice in which the Elysians agreed to join the League. The Elysians have no love for the Mikaeans, but they see the value in the League, and hope to one day replace the Mikaeans as the League's paramount race.
  • Azurigu – Azurigu are a canine species native to the arctic world of Warad, and the fourth founder species of the League. They were introduced into the League by the Mikaeans some thirty years following the travels of the MVS Blackblossom. A pre-industrial race, the Azurigu had only recently developed steel weapons at the time the Mikaeans made contact with the species. As a race, they were introduced to new technologies and scientific concepts, and were integrated into the League as a founding member fifteen years later. Within the League, the Azurigu are valued for their neutrality in politics, though their promotion of traditional values over the modernist ideologies of the Mikaeans and the rival Elysians have made them many enemies.
  • Yilani – The serpentine Yilani are the fifth founder species of the League, having been the last race to join, though not of their own volition. The Yilani were the only other spacefaring race in the immediate area of space to the core League worlds, and were not discovered by the flight of the MVS Blackblossom. They had developed their own empire, and were expanding into Mikaean-controlled space when they sparked a conflict with the Mikaeans and their allies. The Yilani were outmatched numerically and technologically by the pre-League nations, and nearly wiped out to a man. Their invasion sparked the formation of the League, but the merciful behavior of the Sikatrians prevented the first interstellar genocide, and they were incorporated into the League.
  • Hilam – Aquatic jellyfish species native to the planet of Muliiya in the Xi Bootis system. They were the second race to achieve independent spaceflight prior to the League's formation, and were a founding member species. Along with the Mikaeans, the Hilam were responsible for building and improving the existing gate network that connects the League of Civilized Worlds. As a species, the Hilam are the most numerous, though less than ten percent of their population live offworld or move throughout the League, with the overwhelming majority living deep within the oceans of their homeworld and the League's ocean world colonies.
  • Skurians – Tall, red-skinned humanoids native to the low-gravity planet of Skuria. Originally boasted a small interstellar empire of their own until they came into contact with the League. They attempted to expand into League territories by force of arms, only to be defeated during the three-year long Skurian War. They were inducted into the League according to the terms of their surrender, and received full citizenship rights, much to the anger of the existing League member races. They inhabit nearly all of the worlds of the League, and often form the majority demographic on worlds with low-gravity, cold temperatures, predominately carbon dioxide atmospheres which are similar to that of their homeworld.
  • Ailopin – Insectoid species with humanoid characteristics. More information to come..."
  • Fayar – Plant-based humanoids native to the arboreal planet of Tealla, which they share with the Rahdelin, with whom they had recently been locked in a war against until the League intervened during first contact.
  • Rahdelin – Deer-like humanoids native to the planet of Tealla, which they share with the Fayar. They were locked in a centuries-long conflict that only ended with the intervention of the League.
  • Rixari – Aquatic humanoids with light grayish-blue skin, gills along their necks, webbed fingers and toes, and scaled limbs up to the forearms and and knees.