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This template named TabbedContent is used to create new tabbed content. These type of navigation templates provide pages with a header, a tab on top and a description associated with very every tab. The usage of the template is as follows:

  • Create a header with an <h1> tag.
  • Invoke a double curly brace structure and inside it call the headerRender function from my_module as given below:
    {{#invoke: my_module | headerRender ... }}
  • After invocation, the tab color and respective tab names should be given separated by a ':'. Additionally a hyperlink should be created to direct to the page that has the content for description of the given tab header.
  • An example is given below:


  • All the tab headers should be separated by a '|' operator and the last input attribute should be a key=value pair of the color that the tag banner should take.

An example of a complete invocation statement is
  {{#invoke: my_module | headerRender | orange:[[/Plan|Plan]] | red:[[/Run|Run]] | color=3e8e41 }}

  • Finally, the same should be repeated on all subpages created in the invocation pages and a <span> tag containing the description of the subpage.

For a complete visual please see below: