Timeline (Nexusian Chronicles)

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This site is presenting the history in Nexusian Chronicles. All events are in shiguoren dating system.


  • First infos about Onis.


  • Oni settling all Shiguoren Islands.
  • On islands Oni creating magocratic kingdoms, ruled by warlock families. Through summoning demons they rule in autocratic way, thanks by fear and power.


  • Oni, native to Shiguoren Islands, begin colonization of small land between Continent and their archipelago - Dandu.
  • First documented appearance of gnomes at Continent.


  • The oldest texts describing the appearance of dwarves at Continent.
  • Gnomes settling Dandu in order to trade with Onis. Soon first of their ships arriving at Shiguoren Islands' shores.


  • According to the chronicles written by Nexus Imperium this is the year when first elves settled at Continent.


  • Residents of Continent with elves whose are leading them attacking and successfully conquering Dandu and Shiguoren Island. New rulers establish their own laws and banning demonology and necromancy. Sorcerers establish their council in order to monitor all wizards.
  • First appearance of gnolls.


  • According to the ancient texts written at The West this is the date when first humans settle.
  • Vampires coming to Continent from north at that time.


  • Humans are becoming dominant race at Continent. However most of human nations is conquered by elven and dwarven powers.
  • First orcs appear.
  • According to ancient texts this is the year when first lycanthropy happened.



  • Muromets is born.
  • The oldest texts describing trolls has been written.


  • Muromets starting to teach his believers among humans and those of non-human races which are friendy towards them. Founding of the Apostalarium which soon spreading across the entire Continent. The only one place where its believers never arrived are Shiguoren Islands. Despite that news about this movement are spreading quickly at that archipelago.


  • Non-human masters and their human servants, in fear of losing their positions, deciding to capture and kill Muromets. Thanks by traitors in his camp they are taking him as their slave and publicly executing. Although he has been killed, his movement starting to rise very quickly. Muromets become martyr and holy person in Apostalarium teachings.
  • First Age in Nexusian Calendar starts.
  • First felinemen are born at Shiguoren Islands.



  • Apostalarium gained at The West rank of official religion. Because of that all other beliefs is destroy by it. Thanks by that humans gain to power and starting to opress or push away other races.
  • Humans from eastern Continent abandon Apostalarium because of huge distance between its centre of power and them. They are founding their own beliefs, which they are mix of Apostalarium and non-human ones.
  • Creation of Empire of Tezarea.


  • Humans rule whole Continent without any threat. Only few enclaves defend themselves before them at deserts, mountaint and other places like this.
  • Farsistan has been created.
  • First human forces arrive at Dandu. They successfully conquering island. Because of that place becoming independent and all non-human forces from Shiguoren Islands unite themselves in order to recapture it. However the result is opposite to planned - humans capture archipelago and establish their rule there.


  • Central part of Continent, conquered by humans, deciding to belief in their own religion, similar to Apostalarium. However it's very different from it, more oriented to desert area rather than climate of The West.
  • Humans at Shiguoren Islands starting to assimilate with non-human residents.
  • Daemado has been found.
  • Creation of Bahorostan.
  • Second Age in Nexusian Calendar starts.


  • Kingdom existing at Dandu became a protectorate towards one of powers at southern Shiguoren Islands.


  • Shiguoren states starting to fight against each other for capturing whole archipelago. Age of Unification starts.
  • Ruskonia was established.


  • Using fight among human states at archipelago non-human races starting to retake their power by fighting against them.
  • Kingdom of Gonodauryo was established at this year.



  • At Shiguoren Islands new Kingdom of Shiguoren has been found. This unified state deciding to take all archipelago and establish one power at it.
  • Dandu resists against plans of Kingdom in order to be it's part. The so-called by Dandu citizens War for Freedom between island and archipelago starts.





  • Third Age in Nexusian Calendar starts.
  • Some mages starting to create necromantic cults. Creation of this profession however results in forbidding it at The West and Jadidaria.


  • Archempire of Ryloda move their capital city from Xanai to Arcania.


  • The West and Sultanate of Orashadi, supported by Farsistan and Bahorostan, start to fight between themselves. First Crusade starts.


  • Some mages going to be more hostile towards restrictions against them at world, including necromancy and demonology. Renegades are imprisoned and killed, but few leaders of them escape with their apprentices at north in order to find freedom.


  • First reports about army of undead at north, which are ruled by liches and demons and about their mortal vassals, believing that their immortal masters are gods. Those reports indicates that it's the date when The Plague was founded.



  • At Continent The Plague starts its invasion through releasing deadly disease, turning killed by it into undead and transforming them into its warriors. The Great War of Plague starts, which soon is going at the entire landmass. Because of that many races will later hate undead.


  • Farsistan, Orashadi and Bahorostan has been invaded by Plague.


  • Plague invading Ryloda, Godonauryo and Shiguoren. However they are stopped at The Great Wall and the only one place where invasion started is Shiguoren's island near Continent - Dandu. It happens because of conquer by undead army some lands at peninsula not far from this land. Siege of Dandu starts.


  • After four years of fighting at beaches and shores of their island Danduers are pulling away fleets of undead. The Plague is retreating and Arakergs from this island, along with Rylodian soldiers eliminating threat, liberating Gonodauryo from Plague's occupation.


  • Plague is defeated and retreating to north. End of Great War of Plague.




  • Fourth Age in Nexusian Calendar starts.
  • End of Clan War.
  • Proclamation of Nexus Imperium by Syanoshi Vonderath at Great Garenshai in Shanjatic.


  • Shanjatic is re-establishe as Imperium's first capital city.
  • Forces of West and Sultanate of Orashadi starting another holy war. The Second Crusade has begun.


  • After secure of its borders and unite free undead and other forces at their lands Nexus Imperium starts invasion at Kingdom of Chizaishu. Nexusian conquers starts and war between Chizaishu and Nexus is named as Invasion War.
  • Second Crusade ended. The peace between both sides describe that Holium will become the capital city of new kingdom. This state is call as Convent State.


  • Nexus Imperium conquering Chizaishu. End of Invasion War.


  • Nexusian forces attacking Archempire of Ryloda. Rylodian War starts.
  • Nexus Imperium starts war against northern tribes. This conflict is known as Northern War. Savage Northern Peoples try to resist invader, however they are completely unable to stop them because of huge magical and technological advantage.


  • Archempire of Ryloda is conquered by Nexus Imperium. Rylodian War ends.


  • Nexus Imperium establish the position of bokha, nobleman and military commander of all invasion forces in one person.
  • Nexusian Imperial Army has been found.



  • Gonodauryo is conquered by Imperium. Thanks by that they create their own fleet.



  • Saimad is conquered by Nexusian Imperial Army. End of Desert Mountain War.
  • Order of Necromancers was created in Nexus Imperium.


  • After gathering of their forces Nexusians starting full assault at state ruled by Kaidon dynasty, which exist south of Ryloda. Southern War starts.


  • Kaidon is conquered by Imperium. End of Southern War.


  • Kingdom of Irdan surrender to Nexus Imperium and starting to be its protectorate.


  • Conquer of Qadan starts. In just mere months whole kingdom is captured with minimal loses at imperial forces.



  • Because of victories at south Nexus Imperium gathers its best soldiers and starts war against hated Plague. First Liberation March starts.


  • Forces of The Plague are defeated in First Liberation March and evacuating deeper to north.
  • Nexusian forces attack Farsistan and by that start Shadars War.
  • Nexus Imperium attacks Empire of Tezarea. The Tezareian War starts.


  • Farsistan is defeated and captured by Nexus Imperium. This event ends Shadars War.


  • Nexusian forces are attacking Ruskonia. The invasion at this country starts.


  • Ruskonia is vassalized by Nexusian Imperial Army.
  • Thanks by their victory Imperium sends its armies at Western Countries in order to capture them. First Western War starts.
  • Nexusian forces attacking Orashadi from territories of Farsistan, in order to approach to Convent State's borders. First Jadidarian War starts.


  • Empire of Tezarea is conquered by Nexusian forces.
  • Suprisingly to Imperium First Western War ends with failure. Hearing news about it few uprising starts in country and the biggest one are in Ryloda and Kaidon. Known as Orange Clothes Uprising ends however with failure and Imperium's rule becoming more powerful by that in area.


  • End of First Jadidarian War. Nexus Imperium is defeated and stop their expansion at south.



  • Nexus Imperium starts Second Jadidarian War. In this conflict Convent State becomes allies of Orashadi and Jadidaria in order to stop Nexusian Imperial Army.


  • End of Second Western War.
  • Valenheim are becoming new Arakerg clan, joining to ruling families at Dandu.


  • End of Second Jadidarian War.


  • End of Second Liberation March.


  • Fifth Age in Nexusian Calendar starts.
  • Nexusian Calendar was established in the entire state.


  • Third Liberation March stars after when The Plague attacks Imperium's checkpoints and outposts at its northern borders.


  • End of Third Liberation March. The Plague is nearly completely destroyed. Because of that civil war starts in this faction.


  • Third Jadidarian War starts.
  • Half year after war starts Convent State becomes ally with Nexus Imperium.


  • End of Third Jadidarian War. Convent State is weak because alliance with Nexus Imperium. Final borders between Orashadi and Jadidaria with Imperium established. Holium is cutted off from former allies.



  • Third Western War ends. Western Countries successfully drive away threat from Nexusian forces. Victory in conflict results final founding of borders and signing by powers of The West alliance in case of another Nexusian invasion.


  • Sixth Age of Nexusian Calendar starts.
  • Syanoshi Vonderath moves capital city from Shanjatic to Arcania.
  • Nexus Imperium starts war against Vasvani Kingdoms. War of Land and Sea starts.







  • After the death of his father, Shodai IV, Guruso becomes new emperor of Shiguoren known as Guruso V.


  • After many failed tries of establishing treat with Shiguoren Empire the Nexus Imperium starts war against this country.