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Use /test for development. To make sure all testsettings show in /testcases, and won't show in mainspace. When going live, copy to regular /sandbox, change settings fit for Mainspace, then copy /sandbox into live.

Difference with live, when developing:

  • In {{Chembox Identifers/sandbox}}, set
|addTESTdata=Chembox parametercheck/test
This sets {{main other|1=|2=(all categories to test)}} for all returned input ({{Chembox headerbar}})
  • In /test:
Set [[COLON:Category:Category name]] (do show not categorise; required to not pollute the categories with testpages)
Format /test visuals, eg by making it a collapsible list.
Optionally, set [[COLON:Category:Category name|Label To Show]] (shows wl label).


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