Saelic Empire

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Saeles Ipurique
Saelic Empire

Capital Saela
Official languages Saelic
Saelanism (60th century OE to 3rd century NE)
Evecharianism (from 3rd century NE)
Demonym(s) Saelan
Government Absolute monarchy
• Establishment of Saela
5981 OE

The Saelic Empire (Saelic: ΣAƎΛƎΣ IΠURIϚUƎ; Saeles Ipurique; Elhoic: Salamis Ketania), offically the Kingdom of Saela (Saelic: Renetres ea Saela) was the period of the Saelic civilization marked by increased territorial expansion, greater centralization of power to the monarchy, and hegemonic peace in western Dyonia (Saeles veiv). Saela was the capital of the empire and for most of its existence was the center of political, economic, and cultural power before being gradually supplanted by Ephantania by the end of the 3rd century NE. At its height, it was the sole organized polity in western Dyonia and had absolute dominance over the entire region. Saelic culture permeated in the areas it controlled albeit encountering strong resistance from the Syilhàns in Damashu.