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Omniversalis is an open and free community of fictional worlds. Creating fictional worlds is often called "conworlding" which is short for "constructed world-building". On Omniversalis this is done in a similar way to the website Wikipedia. This is because Wikipedia shows information in a way that is easy to understand. Omniversalis is based on three principles, which all users have to follow:


You are always able to create fictional worlds without any restrictions. If other users want to provide suggestions to your world, they have to ask you first.


You are always able to choose if you want to engage with other users, or if you want to be alone.

You are also always able to contribute regardless of if you are new or experienced with conworlding. Omniversalis is free and does not cost money to use.

Ease of access[edit]

You are able to write articles on Omniversalis regardless of if you are new to English or not. All articles explaining Omniversalis are available in Simple English.

These three principles help make Omniversalis an open and easy website to use.