New Columbia

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New Columbia
State of New Columbia
Nickname(s): The Larch State
Anthem: Albertania, My Home
Country United States
Admitted to the Union 22 October 1915 (49th)
Capital Cocharane
Largest city Saint Thomas
Largest metro and urban areas Westminster-Saint Thomas metropolitan area
 • Governor Lorena Magbanua (L)
 • Lieutenant Governor Andrew Cole (L)
Population (2022)
 • Total 10,358,903
Demonym(s) New Columbian
 • Official language English
 • Spoken language
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Filipino
Time zone PST (UTC-7)

New Columbia is a state in the Western United States, about 200 miles from Canada in the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the two U.S. states (along with Hawaii) that is an archipelago and a semi-exclave of the U.S. It shares its maritime borders with Alaska in the north and northeast, Canadian province of British Columbia in the east, Pacific Ocean in the east, and Louisiana in the south. New Columbia is composed of six islands in the northern half of Gadáang Islands: Gavani, La Quadra, New Alberta, New Columbia, Sainte Geneviève, and Washington. Cocharane is the state's capital, while Saint Thomas is the most populous city.

Salishan, Wakashan, and Haida peoples are the indigenous groups originally settled the islands during the precolonial period. The entire archipelago is colonized by British, French, Russian, and Spanish. One of the earliest settlements are Manchester, established in 1840, which became the capital of British Colony of Newland. The northernmost island of Gavani became a part of Russian America, while La Quadra has claimed by the Spanish as a part of the viceroyalty of New Spain. Sainte Geneviève was included in a French colony of Louisiana Islands. In 1867, Gavani island was included on Alaska Purchase after Russian America was sold to the U.S. and it became a part of Department of Alaska. The Newland colony was supposed to join in the Confederation in 1971, but it remained as a British colony instead.