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This is the documentation page for Module:Section link

This module creates links to sections, nicely formatted with the "§" symbol instead of the default "#".


From wikitext[edit]

From wikitext, this module should be used via the template {{section link}}. Please see the template page for documentation.

From Lua[edit]

First, load the module:

local mSectionLink = require('Module:Section link')

You can then make section links via the _main function.

mSectionLink._main(page, sections, options, title)


  • page - the page name to link to. Defaults to the full page name of title, or the current title if that is not specified.
  • sections - an array of section names to link to, or a string to link to just one section name.
  • options - a table of options. Accepts the following fields:
    • nopage - set this to true to avoid displaying the base page name in links.
  • title - a default mw.title object to use instead of the current title. Intended for testing purposes.

All parameters are optional.


Lua code Wikitext code Result
mSectionLink('Paris', 'Architecture') {{section link|Paris|Architecture}} Paris § Architecture
mSectionLink('Paris', {'Architecture', 'Culture'}) {{section link|Paris|Architecture|Culture}} Paris §§ Architecture​ and Culture
mSectionLink('Paris', {'Architecture', 'Culture', 'Sport'}) {{section link|Paris|Architecture|Culture|Sport}} Paris §§ Architecture, Culture, and Sport
mSectionLink('Paris', {'Architecture', 'Culture', 'Sport'}, {nopage = true}) {{section link|Paris|Architecture|Culture|Sport|nopage=yes}} §§ Architecture, Culture, and Sport