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This is the documentation page for Module:EditAtWikidata

Module to display an icon with a tooltip such as "Edit this at Wikidata"

  • Icon will be linked to the Wikidata entry for the article where this is placed.
  • This message is only displayed if a local_parameter is not supplied, i.e. when called from a template, it can be coded not to display the message when a local parameter is in use, preventing the value form Wikidata being fetched.
  • The qid of a Wikidata entry can optionally be supplied for testing outside the article.


To always display the icon:

  • {{#invoke:EditAtWikidata|showMessage}}

To display the icon depending on a local parameter not existing:

  • {{#invoke:EditAtWikidata|showMessage|local_parameter}}

To test the functionality outside of an article:

  • {{#invoke:EditAtWikidata|showMessage|qid=<ArticleID>|local_parameter}}

To make the link point to the given property at the Wikidata entry:

  • {{#invoke:EditAtWikidata|showMessage|pid=<PropertyID>|local_parameter}}