Democratic Worker's Party of the Rhine

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Democratic Worker's Party
Chairperson William Eggerath
Secretary-General TBD
Founded January 6, 1924 (1924-01-06)
Headquarters Düsseldorf, North Rhine
Women's wing Women's League of Workers
LGBT wing Free Red Workers
Overseas wing Global Democratic Workers
Ideology  • Socialism
 • Social democracy
 • Democratic socialism
 • Left-wing populism
International affiliation Socialist International
European affiliation Party of European Socialists
Official colors   Scarlet
Legislative Council
11 / 36
National Assembly (TBD)
0 / 1
European Parliament (TBD)
0 / 1
3 / 9

The Democratic Worker's Party (German: Demokratische Arbeiterpartei, French: Parti Démocrate des Travailleurs) is a center-left social democratic party political party in the Rhine. It is one of the three major parties of contemporary Germany along with Popular Unity Movement and Liberal Progressive Party. The DAP is a member of Party of European Socialists, Socialist International, and Progressive Alliance.

The party was founded in January 6, 1924 and it became the one of the oldest surviving political parties along with the Centrist Union. In the party's history, there have been TBD elected prime ministers in the country from DAP. The first being Josef Friedrich Matthes, who served from 1924 to 1928, and the most recent being William Eggerath, who was elected in TBD.



Ideology and platform[edit]

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  • Moderate
  • Progressive
  • Liberal
  • Democratic Socialist
  • New Greens