Azanian Army

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Azanian Army
Emblem of the Azanian Army
Founded November 8, 1864; 159 years ago (1864-11-08)
Country Template:Country data Azania
Branch Army
Role Land warfare
Size 1,429,842 active duty personnel
1,001,915 reserve personnel
758,121 civilian employees
6,382 manned aircraft
Part of Department of Defense
Headquarters The Wall, Independence, D.L., Azania
Motto(s) "Numquam Nominis Umbra" (English: "Never Defeated")
Template:Ifempty Black, Red, Green
March "TBD"
Equipment 22,000 main battle tanks
43,500 armored fighting vehicles
7,000 artillery pieces
4,000 multiple rocket launchers
4,500 guided missile systems
Commander-in-Chief President Joseph Durham III
Secretary of Defense Lázaro dos Anjos
Chief of Staff GEN TBD
Vice Chief of Staff GEN TBD
Sergeant Major of the Army SMA TBD
Flag File:Flag of the Azanian Army.svg

The Azanian Army is the land warfare service branch of the Azanian Armed Forces. It is one of the six uniformed services of the United States of Azania, and the most senior of the six as designated by the Constitution of Azania. Traditionally regarded as the most venerable of the armed services, the army can trace its origins back to the old territorial militia of the Azania Territory, which was established in 1815 to help defend the early free black colonists from the former United States from attacks by the native African population, well from Azania's declaration of independence in 1865. As proscribed under the new constitution, the government would provide funding and accommodations for the creation of a new federal army, transferring thousands of black militiamen into the unified army via presidential decree. As such, while the official date of the army's creation was the same day as Azania's birth as a sovereign state, the Azanian Army itself considers the founding of the Azanian territorial militia in 1815 to be its true date of inception.

The army is administered by the Azanian Commission for Army Policy, which is overseen by the civilian Secretary of Defense, who is a senior civil servant directly appointed by the President of Azania as the Commander-in-Chief. Working below the Director-General is the Chief of Staff of the Azanian Army, who holds no command authority, but serves as a military advisor to the senior civilian head of the army. The chief of staff is the most senior army officer in the military, and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Azanian Army is the largest branch of the military, with the authorized strength in the 2020 fiscal year for the regular Azanian Army being 1,429,842 active duty personnel; the Azanian Army National Guard had 667,944 personnel and the Azanian Army Reserve with 333,971 personnel; providing a total combined force of 1,001,915 uniformed personnel.





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