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Kingdom of New Aragon

Flag of BBMhenggay/sandbox
Location of BBMhenggay/sandbox
Capital Montserrat
Largest city Brava
Official languages Catalan
Recognised regional languages Aragonese
Demonym(s) New Aragonese
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Maitane Aristazabal
Legislature Parliament
Federal Council
National Assembly
from Spain
• Declared
28 August 1767
11 December 1939
• Artur Benet dictatorship
8 September 1965
• Monarchy restored
15 February 1972
• Total
581,983 km2 (224,705 sq mi)
Currency New Aragonese peseta ()
Time zone New Aragonese Standard Time
ISO 3166 code NAR
Internet TLD .na

New Aragon, formally the Kingdom of New Aragon (Catalan: Regne del Nou Aragó, French: Royaume du Nouvel Aragon, Spanish: Reino de Nueva Aragon) is an island country located in Atlantic Ocean. It is composed of five constituent countries: Sant Joan, Ventalló, Magrana, Cadaqués, and Fresneda. It has a population of 50,210,779 with an area of 61,921 sq mi.

It was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1519 before he went to the Philippines and it became a Spanish colony as a Captaincy General of New Aragon in 1570. During the Siege of Barcelona in 1714, many people immigrated to New Aragon and their population increased. It declared independence from Spanish Empire in 1767 after the Spaniards lost in the war against the New Aragonese separatists in the Battle of New Aragon. After the constitution enacted for the official establishment of the kingdom at the same year, Joan I became the first King of New Aragon. In 1789, the people from France also emigrated to New Aragon due to the massive damage of the French Revolution. The Republicans lost by the Monarchists in the New Aragonese Civil War in 1939 and the Repubicans failed their plans on the assasination of Carles II and the members of the royal family. During World War II, the country remained neutral but the economy decreases due to the effects of war among its citizens. The Charter was signed in 1952 as a legal instrument that sets out the political relationship of the three constituent countries at that time: Sant Joan, Daurada, and Cadaqués. The charter was revised in 1977 when Daurada divided into two new constituent countries named Ventalló and Magrana. Fresneda became the fifth constituent country in 1992 after the successful plebiscite.

Constituent countries[edit]

Sant Joan[edit]

○ Brava ○ Escaldes ○ Gascon ○ Montserrat ○ New Brazil ○ New Ilocos ○ Pedrera ○ Querol ○ Valira


○ Aquitania ○ Canigó ○ Janiero ○ La Unió ○ New Philippines


○ Majorca ○ Salvació ○ Santa Anna




○ Coloma ○ La Vella ○ Mailap ○ New Cadaqués ○ Panatag ○ Sant Felip ○ Valencia

Political parties[edit]

Major parties[edit]

  1. Socialist Party (Centre-left to left-wing, republicanism)
  2. Republican Left (Centre-left, republicansm)
  3. People's Party (Centre-right, monarchism)
  4. Democratic Union (Centre to centre-left, monarchism)
  5. Alternative Greens (Centre-left, republicanism)
  6. United National Front (Centre-right to right-wing; republicanism)
  7. Liberal Democraric Party (Big tent; monarchy and republican factions)
  8. National Union Party (Right-wing to far-right; republicanism)
  9. Social Christian Party (Centre-right to right-wing; monarchism)
  10. Farmer-Labor Union (Left-wing to far-left; republicanism)

Minor parties[edit]

  1. Together for New Aragon
  2. National Rally
  3. Free Democratic Party
  4. Popular Unity
  5. Party for Citizenry
  6. Worker's Party of New Aragon
  7. Convergence and Union
  8. Solidarity Party
  9. National Justice Party
  10. Democratic Renewal
  11. Progressive Socialist Party
  12. Independence Party
  13. United Nationalist Alliance
  14. Freedom and Democracy Coalition

20xx parliamentary election[edit]

  • Maitane Aristazabal (Socialist)
  • Charles Barthelemy (People's)
  • Artur Benet (Republican Left)

Constituent legislatures[edit]

  • New Aragonese Parliament (Federal Council and National Assembly)
  • Legislative Assembly of Sant Joan
  • Constitututional Convention of Ventalló
  • Legislative Assembly of Magrana
  • General Commission of Cadaqués
  • Legislative Assebly of Fresneda
  • Parliament of Coloma
  • Parliament of La Vella
  • Legislative Assembly of Mailap
  • Parliament of New Cadaqués
  • Legislative Assembly of Panatag
  • Legislative Council of Sant Felip
  • Parliament of Valencia

House of Deulofeu[edit]

Monarchs of New Aragon[edit]

  1. Joan (1767-1821)
  2. Joan II (1821-1846)
  3. Carles (1846-1867)
  4. Joan III (1867-1909)
  5. Carles II (1909-1940)
  6. Anna (1940-1977)
  7. Caterina (1977-2018)
  8. Ramon (2018-present)

Consorts of New Aragon[edit]

  1. Caterina (1767-1821)
  2. Sofia (1821-1846)
  3. Luisa (1846-1867)
  4. Beatriu (1867-1909)
  5. Dolors (1909-1940)
  6. Francesc (1940-1977)
  7. Carles (1977-2018)
  8. Maria (2018-present)

Television networks[edit]

  • New Aragonese Broadcasts System - government-owned television network
  • Montserrat Broadcasting Company
  • Antena Television
  • Telegent

Ethnic groups[edit]

  • Nouscolons (Catalan-speaking people)
  • Peuplibre (French-speaking people)
  • Brazilian
  • Italian
  • Filipino (Ilocano and Tagalog are two largest ethnic groups)
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Native Americans