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This is the documentation page for Module:Reply to

This module is used by {{Reply to}} to trigger a notification to one or several registered user(s) you are replying to in a discussion.

Usage from wikitext[edit]

This module cannot be used directly from wikitext. Please use the {{Reply to}} template instead.

Usage within templates[edit]

{{#invoke:Reply to|replyto|<noinclude>example=example name</noinclude>|max=maximum number of names}}
  • The |example= parameter sets the name that will show when the template page is viewed. This parameter should be surrounded by <noinclude>...</noinclude> so that it is not transcluded with the parent template, and the parent template will show an error message if no names are specified.
  • The |max= parameter sets the maximum number of names that the template will accept. If not specified, it defaults to 50 (which is the maximum number that Echo currently supports as of August 2015). If this number of names is exceeded, the parent template will return an error message.