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This is the documentation page for Module:Protected edit request

This module produces a message box used to request edits to protected pages. Edit requests can be made for fully protected, template-protected and semi-protected pages, and it is possible to request edits to multiple pages at once.

This module should be used on the talk page of the page to be edited. If you are not able to place it directly on this talk page, then you can specify the page to be edited with the positional parameters. You can also specify multiple pages to be edited, if this is more convenient than making multiple edit requests in different locations.


The module has four functions, one for each available protection level:

Function Protection level Template
full Full protection {{edit fully-protected}}
template Template protection {{edit template-protected}}
extended Extended confirmed protection {{edit extended-protected}}
semi Semi-protection {{edit semi-protected}}
Basic usage
{{#invoke:protected edit request|function}}
Specify pages to be edited
{{#invoke:protected edit request|function|First page to be edited|Second page to be edited|...}}
Deactivate a request
{{#invoke:protected edit request|function|answered=yes}}
Force a request's protection level rather than allowing auto-detection
{{#invoke:protected edit request|function|force=yes}}
All parameters
{{#invoke:protected edit request|function
| First page to be edited|Second page to be edited|Third page to be edited|...
| answered = 
| ans      = 
| demo     = 
| force    = 


The template categorises the page depending on the protection level of the pages to be edited.

Function Category
full Category:Wikipedia fully-protected edit requests
template Category:Wikipedia template-protected edit requests
extended Category:Wikipedia extended-confirmed-protected edit requests
semi Category:Wikipedia semi-protected edit requests

The module attempts to detect the protection level of the pages used. If one or more of the pages are unprotected, or multiple pages with different protection levels are specified, the page is categorized in Category:Wikipedia edit requests possibly using incorrect templates. Otherwise, if the force parameter is not set, it is automatically categorized in the correct protection level.