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This is the documentation page for Module:Pp-move-indef

This module implements {{pp-move-indef}}. It is a protection template, but has no visible output, unlike other protection templates which output banners or padlock icons. The only output is a category.

If the page is move-protected with either full move protection or template move protection, the module outputs one of the following categories, depending on the namespace it is used in:

On pages that are not full-move-protected or template-move-protected, the module outputs Category:Wikipedia pages with incorrect protection templates.


From wikitext[edit]

The usual way to use this module from wikitext is with the {{pp-move-indef}} template. You can also use it from #invoke directly with the code {{#invoke:pp-move-indef|main}}. Neither of these take any parameters, and both only work on the current page.

From Lua[edit]

From Lua, load the module like this:

local ppMoveIndef = require('Module:Pp-move-indef').main

You can then use ppMoveIndef like this:


The title parameter is an optional title object, used for testing purposes. If no parameters are supplied the module works on the current page.