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This is the documentation page for Module:Ns has subpages

This module finds whether a given namespace can have subpages.


From wikitext[edit]

From wikitext this module must be used via the {{ns has subpages}} template. Please see the template page for documentation.

From Lua[edit]

Usually Lua modules should use[namespace].hasSubpages rather than this module. But if you have a good reason, it can be accessed like this:

Load the module:

local mNsHasSubpages = require('Module:Ns has subpages')

The subpage information can be found with the ._main function:

mNsHasSubpages._main(ns, frame)
  • ns is the namespace name, number, or a page name. It defaults to the current namespace.
  • frame is a frame object with which we can call frame:callParserFunction if necessary. This is optional, and intended for internal use.