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This is the documentation page for Module:About

This module implements the {{about}} hatnote template.


  • The about function implements the {{about}} template directly, using the frame and applying no options. This should probably only be used in {{about}}.
  • The _about function can be used from Lua to supply a custom arguments list (its first argument) and/or an options table (its second argument). Options include:
    • aboutForm A string that can be used to substitute the form of the initial "about" message. It should include two substitution points: the first for the page type (e.g. "article"), and the second for the description of what the page is about. It should also include a trailing space for easy concatenation or omission. Defaults to 'This %s is about %s. '.
    • sectionString Gives the page type string for when the named argument section is specified. Defaults to 'section'.
    • pageTypeStrings Gives the page type string when provided by namespace. Defaults to {[0] = 'article', [14] = 'category'}.
    • defaultPageType Gives the page type string when neither the section argument nor the namespace provide the page type. Defaults to 'page'.